Seattle Egyptian Sugaring With Modern Equipment, Skin Treatment For Men Launch

The recently launched service puts a modern spin on a hair removal treatment that dates back thousands of years. Front runners in bringing Egyptian sugaring to Seattle, Penelope and the Beauty Bar are introducing men to an effective, hypoallergenic treatment that removes unwanted hair, exfoliates, and produces clearer, healthier skin.

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Said to have been Cleopatra’s chosen facial treatment, sugaring is a natural, highly effective skin-clearing method. Penelope and the Beauty bar have brought traditional sugaring into the 21st century with an approach customized to their clients’ skin and enhanced by world-class equipment. With their recent announcement, the spa offers the benefits of sugaring to Seattle men who now have a more effective method than shaving and a less painful alternative than waxing to remove unwanted hair.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sugaring helps renew the appearance of skin. When followed by the right cleansing and moisturizing products, it helps prevent acne breakouts and keeps skin looking fresher, longer. Men who struggle with blemished skin, excessive fine hair growth on the back, chest, arms, or face, or who often suffer from razor burn, are all good candidates for sugaring.

The treatment uses a sticky, gel-like paste that beauticians mix and temper out of sugar, water, and lemon juice. The paste is heated to just above body temperature and applied to the face or body in the same direction the hair grows. Since it adheres to the hairs but won’t stick to the skin, the paste takes only hair and dead skin cells when it’s removed.

Unlike shaving, which cuts the hair at skin level, and waxing which can stick to the skin and cause burning, sugaring is a near-painless method that removes hair from the follicles. The method delays regrowth and eventually softens the hair so it’s barely noticeable.

A recent client says, “Every professional in this luxurious salon has outstanding expertise and a gorgeous attitude. I begin to relax the moment I enter the waiting room, which is softly lit with candles and chandeliers, and enhanced by quiet music.”

With their latest announcement, Penelope and the Beauty bar are giving Seattle’s men a better chance at maintaining clearer skin with a long-lasting sugaring method endorsed by Egyptian royalty.

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