Seattle Egyptian Sugaring Facial Hair Removal For Men, Spa Service Updated

With their newly updated services, the spa pairs the best in today’s equipment with authentic traditional Egyptian sugaring methods to give men a caliber of facial hair removal and complexion treatments they won’t find at the local barber. Seattle’s Penelope and the Beauty Bar, located in the historic Fairmont Olympic Hotel, offers world-class skincare and body treatments and has been featured in numerous fashion and community magazines for their services and methods.

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Unlike shaving, which only cuts facial hair so it’s flush with the skin, sugaring removes hair at the root. This prevents in-grown hair irritations and razor bumps while delaying regrowth to produce a smoother, healthier-looking complexion. Newly updated services at Penelope and the Beauty Bar give men access to traditional Egyptian sugaring treatments, along with specialized machinery-enabled treatments for a clean-shaven look that lasts for days instead of hours.

Sugaring is a natural, non-abrasive form of hair removal that combines sugar, water, and lemon juice to make a warm paste that is applied to the skin in the direction hair grows and is removed in the opposite direction.

Sugaring not only removes strands of hair from their follicles, but it also removes dead skin cells without clinging to the skin the way wax does. Egyptian sugaring is therefore particularly recommended for individuals with sensitive skin and can be used to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body.

Men who want to maintain a well-groomed appearance are looking to sugaring as a way of maintaining their skin’s health and keeping facial stubble at bay.

The beauticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar specialize in the Egyptian method of sugaring, a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic treatment that is gentle, safe, and effective for every skin and hair type.

Both a day and Medi spa, Penelope and the Beauty Bar has been profiled for its world-class service and treatments in magazines that include Allure, WWD, Elle, Vogue, and Seattle Magazine. European facials, micro-puncture, French detox body wraps, cupping, massage, and aesthetics that include hair, nails, and make-up are all part of their services menu.

Men looking for a caliber of facial treatment that removes unwanted facial hair for longer without damaging their skin can find effective authentic Egyptian sugaring treatments and other industry-leading services at downtown Seattle’s Penelope and the Beauty Bar.

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