Seattle Dermaplaning | Exfoliating Facials With LED Light Therapy Launched

The world-class medispa helped to pioneer dermaplaning treatments in the city of Seattle last year following the technique’s rapid popularity growth on online beauty channels. Now, Penelope and the Beauty Bar is updating their dermaplaning facials with new optional add-ons to their treatments on offer like LED light therapy.

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The luxury spa is proud to be offering LED as an add-on to their popular dermaplaning facials as evidence of the treatment’s benefits continues to grow. As a recent article on Cleveland Clinic explained, LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy has many benefits for the skin. Blue LED light has become an increasingly popular and effective treatment for acne and red LED light has become popular for reducing inflammation and stimulating the production of collagen in order to reduce fine lines and other signs of aging.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar has started offering LED sessions as an add-on to their dermaplaning facials because they believe the two therapies work particularly well in tandem. As dermaplaning involves removing the fine vellus hairs of the face and deeply exfoliating the skin, it naturally prepares the skin for further treatments and ensures that both products and technologies, like LED, can more easily penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin.

The medispa has two dermaplaning facials, their Dermaplane Express Facial, which lasts for 45 minutes, and their Dermaplane Radiance Facial. This 60-minute facial integrates a micro-current session, which also works effectively in tandem with LED light therapy.

For both, Penelope and the Beauty Bar recommends a swift 15-minute add-on LED session for maximum effect.

Spa-goers can also opt to book a dermaplaning facial followed by one of the medispa’s more targeted anti-aging and skin rejuvenating treatments, including microneedling, Morpheus8, IPL photofacials, and growth factor injections.

In all of their dermaplaning facials and medispa treatments, Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s expert estheticians use selective brand products and reputable advanced beauty technologies.

A spokesperson for the luxury spa said, “After your dermaplaning facial, finish with rejuvenating and calming LED light therapy. At Penelope and the Beauty Bar, we have four colors available, each one targeting a different skincare goal. This treatment will leave your face looking and feeling fresh, smooth, and absolutely radiant.”

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