Sea Salt Pain Relief Salve For Tattoo Aftercare, Organic Non-Oily Balm Announced

The newly announced tattoo glide offers tattoo artists and consumers an eco-friendly pain-relieving cream with 4 percent numbing agent Lidocaine that can be used in the artist’s machine during the tattoo process, and as an after care product to relieve pain and stop residual bleeding. One of many H2Ocean sea salt-based products, the tattoo salve named “NOTHING” is available online for convenient shipping and fast delivery.

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While tattoo artists are professionally trained to create complex body art, they can’t negate the pain associated with the inking process. Depending on how sensitive their clients are, some can experience pain during the tattoo process and afterward for days. Newly announced “NOTHING,” a natural sea salt-based organic healing balm from H2Ocean, is an alcohol and fragrance-free fast-acting pain relief salve that can be used for long tattoo sessions, and as an aftercare solution as often as required.

Founded by marine biologist and natural formulations chemist Eddie Kolos, H2Ocean uses the naturally occurring healing properties found in sea salt to give consumers a healthier alternative to more processed body care and healing products.

NOTHING tattoo glide and soothing balm is a thin-to-medium balm tattoo artists can use in their machines instead of traditional Vaseline or A+D to prevent clogging. Formulated with 4 percent Lidocaine, the product numbs the pain that comes with the tattoo process and helps expedite healing.

The salve can be used as an effective aftercare product for both tattoos and body piercings to provide instant pain relief for up to 50 minutes. Made with a combination of sea salt, volcanic clay, chamomile, jojoba, and purified water, NOTHING will not remove stencils and does not change the texture of the skin.

Since its 2001 launch, H2Ocean has been the clean beauty, healing, and body care product line of choice for conscientious consumers looking for natural vitamin and mineral-fortified solutions to skin irritations and conditions. The first company to offer a sea salt-based body piercing aftercare spray and tattoo ointment, H2Ocean now has over 5,000 retail locations across the US alone.

A company representative says, “By using the highest USP grade ingredients and the most advanced packaging technologies, we guarantee our products are the safest and most effective on the market.”

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