Script Network accelerates to public launch of their decentralised TV platform

London, United Kingdom, 11th Mar 2023 – Script Network is a layer 1 open source video protocol and decentralised storage network. With over a year in development, Script Network has completed development of the first watch to earn tv platform – Script TV. Since its launch at the end of December, Script Network has grown to over 30,000 active users. 

The presale is live here for a limited time only

Traditional TV and streaming services have long dominated the entertainment industry, dictating what content is available to viewers and how it can be accessed. However, this centralized model has its drawbacks, including the high cost of accessing content and the lack of control that content creators have over their work.

Decentralised TV is a solution to these problems. It allows content creators to distribute their work directly to viewers without having to go through intermediaries. This means that viewers can access a wider variety of content at a lower cost, while content creators can retain more control over their work and earn more money from it. is a platform that is using decentralised TV to create a new way of distributing and monetizing content. The platform is built on the its own layer 1 blockchain in line with the teams vision of building a sustainable, scalable ecosystem for the next 1 – 10 million users coming over from web2 to web3. 

Across the company, they focus on a few different aspects of the film and television ecosystem. 

1. Watch-to-earn with online TV – watch TV online and get paid rewards per block

2. Redefining crypto advertising (allowing crypto/NFT projects to easily promote via the platform)  

3. Gamified Reward Structure – earn rewards through our viewing content, engaging, and upgrading your NFTs

4. Fully Decentralised video storage solution – lowering costs by over 80% for Web2 companies Script Network launches their dual token ecosystem this April and purely due to the size of the tv and film industry alongside the lack of innovation to fix these obvious issues – its a no brainer play if you’re looking at long term winners once the market finally recovers.

In conclusion, decentralised TV is a game-changing technology that is disrupting the entertainment industry. is one platform that is leading the way in this revolution by providing a platform for content creators to showcase their work directly to viewers without intermediaries. The platform is built on the its own blockchain, which ensures that payments are transparent and efficient, and viewers can interact with content creators directly, creating a sense of community. is accessible to everyone, which means that talented content creators who may have been overlooked in the past can now have their work seen by a wider audience. Decentralised TV and platforms like are changing the way we consume and create content, and this is just the beginning of a new era in the entertainment industry.


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