ScottEffx Provides Quality Light House Products, Delivers Across USA

Livermore, CA – ScottEffx is a leading provider of music light show products and accessories in the US. Their extensive range of offerings is available nationwide, catering to customers seeking to infuse popular music with an extra touch of flair and vibrant illumination.

Designed by Scott Burkhart, the light show product has been quality tested and offers a great entertainment channel for adults and children.

Describing the product, its setup, and how it works, ScottEffx‘s owner said: “Light shows are played through the ScottEffx App, available free for the Mac, iPad or iPhone. You simply select the music light show MP3 and press Play, just like any media player. The MP3-embedded light show is found and played with the music exactly as composed by the musical artist. The music file complies with MP3 standards and is played as a normal music file by other media players.”

Scott Burkhart emphasized that the ScottEffx app has been meticulously designed to operate seamlessly over standard WiFi protocols, specifically UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). This ensures compatibility with the majority of WiFi routers with a 2.4GHz band, enabling a wide range of users to enjoy the immersive experience.

By leveraging these standard WiFi protocols, the connected ScottEffx app effortlessly transmits light show information to all synchronized flickersongs. This innovative feature makes it an ideal choice for creating a stunning Christmas light show for house display that can adorn homes during the festive holiday season. With the synchronized flickersongs responding in harmony, ScottEffx brings the magic of synchronized lights and music to life, spreading joy and awe-inspiring visuals to all who witness the spectacle.

ScottEffx’s prioritizes user customization by incorporating a range of custom features, enabling seamless composition of personalized songs and light effects. This empowers users to effortlessly incorporate their preferred music and lighting choices. Moreover, the light show accessory offers versatile play options, such as an indefinite loop through the light show, looping through saved light sequences without sound, and the convenience of using the Apps’ Dimmer function to establish a desired brightness level for each of flickerSong’s eight outputs.

The FlickerSong also comes with additional configuration options allowing users to rename FlickerSong, mute the lights with light show music playing continue, mute the sound with light show playing, and reassign each flickerSong’s output to subscribe to any of the 255 MIDI maps. These added features enhance the overall user experience and make ScottEffx a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for creating captivating audiovisual displays.

Homes and businesses interested in the light show elements can contact ScottEffx for product shipping across the US. For more information, call (925) 202-8852. The company is located in Livermore, CA, US.

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