Scorefam – The Earning Space for Crypto and Sports Lovers Powered by $SFT 

Scorefam – The Earning Space for Crypto and Sports Lovers Powered by $SFT 

Scorefam is set up to innovate the way we use technology in gaming, by creating a bridge between the crypto sphere and the world of football. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the world of sports. We do this by offering a degree of anonymity and total ownership over the game assets. Scorefam’s existing ecosystem makes it simple and straightforward to stake on football matches with its growing network. 

The platform is run with the $SFT, Scorefam utility token. This is the sole form of currency to be used within the platform. The Scorefam Token will be used for all staking + investing in any sport gaming type. It must also be held by people using the Scorefam platform.

Here’s why you should care about what we do. We intend to break the betting cycle. We do this by cutting down worldwide betting losses drastically. A majority of our features like the Locked Gaming make following a LOSSLESS betting system ( You never lose your stake ) and here your bet serves as an investment while also giving you a feel of the full betting experience in Flexible and Multiflex gaming. 

After a successful IDO launch that took place on the 18th – 29th of April on several Launchpads like BSC station,smart pad and Dao Launch, We’re now live on pancake swap 


Connect with us on Telegram and Twitter to know more about the TGE. 

At the moment, we have a few features in the works. First are our betting features in this order of release: 1) Locked Gaming, 2) Flexible Gaming, and 3) Multiflex Gaming, and also the Scorefam fantasy league and NFT market place which is currently in its development phase.  

Our journey has connected us to some remarkable organizations that share similar interests and play significant roles in helping us reach our goals. The most recent is North Equities – A North American new-age marketing agency dedicated to providing value by reaching the right people at the right time. Our partnership is one that’ll extend our reach to football and crypto lovers across the globe by leveraging modern effective marketing strategies.

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