Science Of Sea Salt Book, Education Guide For Home Health Remedies Released

The new book, which is titled The Science of Sea Salt: Benefits of Human Health, is the first volume in an upcoming collection. In it, the team of over seventy scientists, professors, writers, and editors that H2Ocean has brought together, explores the fundamentals of sea salt and the way it interacts with the human body, through a biological and scientific lens.

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The launch of the new book coincides with a recent article published on Healthline, which described the benefits of sea salt, in particular over table salt. Given that many Americans already integrate salt into their diets, scientists are now researching how shifting from processed table salt to the more nutrient and mineral-rich sea salt may promote certain health benefits, including a reduced sodium intake.

When taken in the right quantities, as Healthline explained, sea salt also works to keep human bodies hydrated and to maintain healthy blood pressure. Moreover, it has also been used for centuries to naturally promote optimal digestive health, heal skin issues, and treat inflammation.

In their research, the authors of The Science of Sea Salt: Benefits of Human Health go one step further and propose that sea salt can be the basis for home health remedies that can be used to manage, treat and mitigate the symptoms of certain lifestyle diseases.

The authors hope that this book can be an educational resource and a guide for individuals who are looking for natural ways to improve their lifestyle and manage their health conditions, as well as a conversation starter for greater research into the benefits of high-quality, unrefined sea salt.

H2ocean LLC is a Florida-based retailer of sea salt skin care, oral care, nasal care, and tattoo and piercing care products.

A spokesperson for the sea salt advocates said, “In the current book, the editor and authors have called attention to the science of sea salt. With key sections of the book covering basic human biology, ocean frontiers, sea salt discovery, sea salt in medicine, including oral biology, sea salt in food science, body modifications and innovations, including new inventions in the field of sea salt product developments, we believe this book is the perfect guide for people who want to learn more about this naturally healing resource.”

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