School Energy Efficiency Savings Program & Utility Audit To Reduce Costs Launch

The company’s new program enables schools to become more energy-efficient, which increases environmental benefits and reduces operating costs. Additionally, there are many hidden costs charged by traditional utility providers, which can be identified and mitigated.

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The newly launched model helps schools increase savings without resorting to taking out loans or other potentially risky solutions. By utilizing the “Energy Savings as a Service” approach, schools are able to start saving on recouped energy costs immediately.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average energy cost for all Americans has increased by about $.20/kWh over the last year, and those costs are expected to continue rising. This means that energy efficiency is increasingly important to both home and commercial property owners.

To reduce energy costs, Onsite Utility Services Capital uses a multifaceted approach. Water conservation and energy-efficient lighting reduce money spent on wasted resources, better HVAC systems last longer and are more efficient, and energy benchmarking ensures that up-to-date energy statistics are always available.

Onsite Utility Services Capital is also qualified to set up solar arrays, which reduces the cost of purchasing energy from the grid.

Additionally, the company’s “Energy Savings as a Service” approach eliminates the need to conduct maintenance or service on any upgraded or newly installed equipment. After the upgrades are completed, the equipment is maintained by the same professionals for no additional cost.

The company also offers other services, including clean air regulation, which uses IAQ-CPR cold plasma technology to purify and balance the ionic concentration of a building’s air, and the installation of automatic regulators for commercial chilling facilities and motor systems.

About Onsite Utility Services Capital

Onsite Utility Services Capital has been operating for 29 years, and in 2020 earned a place on the Industry Wired magazine’s “Top 20 Companies with the most Disruptive Solutions of the Year” list. They serve American businesses coast-to-coast.

According to a business spokesperson: “We’re an energy company that breaks down barriers, solves problems, and deliver solutions that help our clients save money on energy, increase their profits, and have a healthier balance sheet.”

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