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The company says that its upgraded service is underpinned by a patented 3D measuring technology. It measures dimensions within 1/1,000 of an inch, ensuring that doors are fabricated with precision.

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This technology allows the contractor to live up to its name, installing interior doors within hours instead of days. Technicians can install a broad range of products, including barn, garage, and closet doors.

A company representative says: “Accurate measurement is a key component of door manufacturing. That’s why we invested in advanced technology to take the guesswork out of this process. This results in doors that fit as if they’ve always been part of your home.”


The representative adds that each door the company sells is custom-milled and painted at its own factory. This means customers do not have to settle for pre-made products at mainstream stores, whose measurements and designs might not be a good match for their houses.

One Day Doors & Closets’ technology-forward approach extends to the manufacturing process, which utilizes high-tech CNC machinery. The doors are then primed and painted with advanced coating, and are flash-dried in an infrared oven.

A satisfied customer shared this review: “We had 11 interior doors installed and are very pleased. They look and work great, and are a big improvement over what we had. The installation crew was very professional and worked proficiently.”


One Day Doors & Closets is the largest company of its kind in North America, with over 35 showrooms in both the US and Canada. The company has over 20 years of expertise and has installed over 500,000 doors to date. It has received citations from Press Tribune and The Spruce for its service, and has been featured on TV shows like Extreme Makeover. Further details can be found at

Prospective clients are entitled to a 15-minute design consultation at no cost. They may visit for more details about the contractor and its product catalog.

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