Sapio Sciences, Informatics Platform Leader, Reveals Top 5 LIMS Vendors

The ever-increasing troves of sample data and the need to accelerate R&D operations in laboratories are constantly pushing lab managers to adopt LIMS (laboratory information management system) software.

Sapio Sciences, a global leader in Laboratory Management, Electronic Lab Notebook, and Knowledge Management Solutions, has recently released a guide for helping laboratories select the best LIMS vendor.

Releasing the guide, Sapio Sciences also sheds light on the features that make the best LIMS package.

Efficient sample management, workflow automation, and reporting are a few of the growing list of LIMS feature lab managers should consider while investing in a tool. A LIMS that best aligns with a lab’s IT parameters, management processes, and stakeholders’ requirements bolsters lab productivity, thus leading to higher ROI.

A LIMS is an all-in-one software program that helps lab managers keep track of the flow of samples and corresponding data for more streamlined lab operations. By introducing LIMS tools in laboratory activities, researchers can efficiently run experiments, standardize workflows and automate lab processes with zero friction.

LIMS market size value is projected to grow 6.8% in 2028 to a total of USD 1330.1 Million, up from USD 815.6 Million in 2020. Technological improvements pertinent to R&D labs and the intensifying need for lab automation are anticipated to fuel this never-ending demand for LIMS solutions.

Being at the forefront of the Digital Lab with its science-centric cloud-based LIMS platform, Sapio Sciences tops the LIMS vendor list.

Developed by researchers for researchers, Sapio is the only LIMS vendor delivering on the Digital Lab with an integrated LIMS and ELN software that facilitates scientific experiments enabling real-time collaboration.

Built on Sapio’s LC/NC platform, this high-end lab informatics solution enables rapid implementation of workflow processes, supporting a wide range of lab operations in clinical labs, R&D research, and pharmaceutical labs.

In addition, with Sapio’s fully configurable workflow engine, projects can be completed in a fraction of the time and cost of a standard lab management project.

“We went looking for the best of the breed LIMS in the market and in Sapio we found a solution which we could customize to our center’s complex requirements,” explains a Sapio client.

According to Sapio Sciences, offering three deployment options- on-prem, client-managed cloud services, and Thermo-managed cloud services, Thermo Fisher Scientific is another high-end LIMS software widely adopted by modern pharmaceutical laboratories. Thermo Scientific LIMS has become a comprehensive solution for efficient lab, data, and procedure management enabling sample tracking, inventory management, and ERP integration capabilities.

Having served over 85,000 users globally, Labguru LIMS is another all-in-one solution recommended by Sapio Sciences. Bringing equipment management, sample tracking, and certification analysis in a single glass pane, Labguru touts optimized LIMS solutions and helps labs streamline operations, improve efficiency, and accelerate research results, thus saving time and money.

The guide went on to highlight the role of LabWare LIMS in streamlining laboratory documentation processes. Trusted by more than 10,000 laboratories worldwide, LabWare’s suite of lab automation systems aims to yield high data throughput, boost lab productivity and data integrity, and help lab managers meet regulatory compliance efficiently through rigorously tested and validated workflows.

Coming with three user-centric pricing tiers, CrelioHealth LIMS is another high-end solution focused on helping advanced Medical Diagnostic Lab gain a competitive edge against the ordinary. Leveraged by over 2,500 laboratories and businesses worldwide, CrelioHealth offers three products to help diagnostic labs deliver proactive and personalized patient experience and optimize OpEx, therefore setting a smooth control across lab operations.

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