Sao Paulo Digital Travel Guide, Remote Working & Sightseeing 2023 Report Launch

Created for remote workers who want to move their business operations abroad, the new guide was written by Ashley Wells, a freelance and working holiday expert. The guide offers an overview of what to see and do in the Brazilian city and includes advice on visas, accommodation, and more.

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In the guide, readers will learn Sao Paulo’s visa requirements and are offered advice on how to obtain these so they can legally work in the city.

To help them prepare for their trip, Wells has included a breakdown of Sao Paulo’s typical living costs. He has given estimates for rent, eating out, and travel expenses, as well gym memberships, nightclub admission, and takeaways.

In addition, readers will find a list of recommended co-working spaces. There are more than 120 co-working spaces in the area. Wells suggests going to some of the most popular ones, such as Block Time, CoLab, and Pixels.

Outside of work, digital nomads can enjoy many food and drink establishments in the city. Wells has included a roundup of Sao Paulo’s restaurants and bars. He suggests visiting the Skye rooftop bar and eating at Mercado, a restaurant that serves traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Explaining the appeal of Sao Paulo for digital nomads, a spokesperson for the company says, “A vibrant city with loads of nightlife, sightseeing, and culture, Sao Paulo remains a popular spot for location-independent workers who want to live and work in Brazil. With an affordable cost of living, excellent housing options, great internet connectivity and plenty to see and do, it’s a must-visit destination. The city provides plenty of co-working spaces and the pleasant climate means Sao Paulo can be enjoyed year-round as well.”

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