Santa Barbara All-On-Four Implants | Senior Smile Makeover Treatments Updated

To help senior clients and individuals with health complications achieve a complete smile makeover in comfort, Anacapa Dental Art Institute has expanded its cosmetic dental options, allowing clients to choose from same-day implants, veneers, or crowns, with optional sedation.

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One of the expanded services, All-on-Four implants, helps clients to receive a complete set of functioning, implanted permanent teeth, with no downtime. This service is also sometimes called “teeth in one day” because clients can arrive for their implant appointment in the morning, and leave with a full set of teeth in the afternoon.

While dental implants are not new, it can often take up to a year after the implants are installed, before they are ready to use. This technique offers comparable strength and durability but does not require clients to spend any time without their teeth.

A spokesperson explained, “While the traditional implant procedure uses eight to ten implants, All-on-Four uses only four to six. The secret to its success is the 45-degree angle of the rear implants. As this implant is longer, it is stronger and able to readily fuse into available bone, saving you the additional step of bone grafting.”

Anacapa Dental Art Institute has also expanded its sedation options to help senior clients, individuals with disabilities, and anyone with a fear of the dentist, to have their dental work completed in comfort. While the clinic primarily uses gentle oral sedation that helps clients to remain relaxed, pain-free, and awake throughout their procedure, they also offer general anesthesia if necessary.

Sedation options are available for most procedures offered at Anacapa Dental Art Institute, including the full range of smile makeover options for senior citizens. Clients are encouraged to discuss their options with an expert, which may include crowns, veneers, or complete dentures, and to request additional sedation from their dentist prior to their appointment.

Dr. Jivraj, the founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, specializes in this single-day denture procedure and teaches dentists the All-on-Four implant technique in seminars worldwide. He has over 20 years of experience as a prosthodontist, during which he has served over 1000 patients.

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