Santa Barbara All-on-4 Full-Mouth Dental Implants | Dentures In A Day Launched

Typically, when getting new teeth, the process can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, and clients can often be left without teeth during this waiting period. A new single-day procedure launched by Anacapa Dental Arts Institute eliminates this waiting time entirely, using a new All-on-4 Plus dental implant technique.

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Anacapa Dental Art Institute uses a fully in-house team of specialists, combined with innovative new technology, to complete customizable and realistic-looking teeth for each client, in the shortest amount of time possible. After a consultation, this allows patients to enter the clinic in the morning with damaged teeth, and leave in the afternoon with a full set of permanent teeth.

While dental implants are not a new technique, the clinic uses an updated procedure that provides improved stability and reduced healing times, without removing any of the client’s jaw bone. Instead, the surgical team will preserve the client’s existing jaw bone and gums, while adding tilted implants where necessary, to achieve similar results with less surgical trauma, and for the same cost.

Since clients may often have loose, damaged, or sensitive teeth that can make it difficult to get an exact dental impression, Anacapa Dental Arts Institute offers touch-free scanning options. Using Intra-oral Scanners, which are essentially small cameras, the dental team can scan a client’s mouth and create a precise 3d model that can be used to create their new teeth.

With access to a CT Scanner in-house, the surgical team can complete the entire pre-surgery procedure without clients ever having to visit another facility. This helps the dental team to create a 3d surgical implant guide, which improves the precision placement of each post.

To ensure every client’s new teeth remain solidly attached over time, the clinic may also include additional implanted posts, at no extra cost.

A spokesperson for Anacapa Dental Arts Institute said, “Our specialists have written books and articles and teach this procedure to dentists around the world… 65% of our work involves re-doing what others have done. We get referrals from dentists around the globe to take care of their patients.”

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