Sandy Hook Mindset Coach For Entrepreneurs, 1-On-1 Mentoring Program Announced

Following the announcement, the mentoring service provider offers one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals who want to create the right mindset for success as a business owner. The classes are led by Rick Bayuk, a certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant, and owner of Amplified Mindset Consulting, who is committed to empowering individuals to make notable shifts in their life, including their beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns, to reach their highest potential.

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Rick Bayuk’s recently announced course, called Thinking Into Results, is split into 24 weekly live coaching sessions, each delving into a specific component of mindset transformation and equipping clients with the right skill set to embrace that change.

Alongside live coaching, Rick Bayuk complements his sessions with video modules, as well as self-coaching workbooks that help entrepreneurs who join the program gradually build awareness of their progress on their journey to turning their goals and aspirations into actionable plans. Throughout the course, the mentor also teaches participants how to create a healthy relationship between mind and body through rituals, distinctions, and somatic practices.

Those who enroll in the Thinking Into Results program will also learn how to reprogram and discipline their mind to create the outcomes they want to accomplish, and develop an accountable mindset to start taking responsibility for their actions (or lack of action) no matter the obstacles standing in their way. Rick Bayuk will also help them determine their self-defeating habits and the habits and behaviors that prevent them from achieving success.

About Amplified Mindset Consulting

Amplified Mindset Consulting is on a mission to empower young adults to cultivate the right skills and mindset to nurture a notable, lasting change in their lives and unlock their full potential through personalized coaching and practical exercises. Alongside individual sessions, Rick Bayuk also offers group mentoring classes for residents of Newton, Madison, Essex, Darrien, and Stamford.

Rick Bayuk says, “With my guidance, you’ll learn how to break through limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that have held you back in the past. We’ll work together to identify your core values and set clear, achievable goals that align with your vision for the future.”

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