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Canine Corral Dog Daycare offers dog owners a place to leave their pets, whether during the day or overnight, providing them with a spacious and comfortable setting to run and play. Following the update, customers can now choose more cost-efficient 10-visit and 20-visit packages.

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The announcement is in line with the daycare center’s commitment to delivering high-quality canine care solutions for dog parents looking for a safe place for their pets to stay, socialize, or receive specialized training.

Canine Corral Dog Daycare explains that dog daycare can be advantageous for both pets and their owners. Dogs are social animals, and while some can easily stay home alone without issues while their owners are away, others become anxious or demonstrate destructive behavior as an outlet to relieve stress. That’s where daycare and boarding facilities can help, as they can significantly impact a dog’s happiness and well-being, says the company. They provide a safe and stimulating environment where dogs can get the socialization they need, exercise, and training if required, and humans get a well-mannered, content canine.

At Canine Corral, each dog must undergo a temperament test that evaluates if they will play and interact well with other dogs before they are accepted into the facility. The staff also takes time to get to know them individually, identifying their traits and mannerisms to cater to their unique needs.

The dog daycare center has air conditioning, allowing pets to stay cool or warm, depending on the weather. There are also indoor play equipment and puzzles for mental stimulation. Additionally, they offer individual and group outdoor walks, one-on-one playtime with a staff member, and obedience sessions in play groups.

Dog parents can also check in to see what their pets are doing via webcams at the facility, which are available for viewing during weekdays. If they wish, they can also receive a report at the end of the day about their dog’s activities during the visit.

Canine Corral’s dog daycare services include single visits and 10- and 20-visit packages — with offerings such as baths, coat whitening and de-shedding treatments, and nail trimmings. For boarding, only those whose pets had attended the daycare at least three times before are eligible for their overnight services.

A satisfied client said: “Right off the bat, the staff was very friendly and helpful since we are first-time dog owners, and all of this was new to us. Highly recommend Canine Corral to anyone looking for a great place for doggy daycare and boarding.”

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