San Diego Staffing Partner for Outdoor Apparel Brands: Freelance & Full-Time

By expanding its recruitment pool with San Diego and nearby regions in mind, Emerging Blue seeks to further boost the area’s bustling fashion industry. With additional expertise in the home and beauty sectors, the nationwide agency now links large and smaller brands alike with fresh talent uniquely suited for the challenges of each position – whether full-time or freelance.

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The update follows a long series of service upgrades that Emerging Blue has introduced since its inception. With 2023 underway, the agency is committed to steering brands through the hiring process from start to finish while helping them overcome hurdles such as current HR policies among others.

This means that Emerging Blue connects San Diego outdoor apparel brands with candidates with the right skillset, qualifications, experience, and brand-fit. Extending from product design & development to digital marketing to visual merchandising and website development, the agency searches its network for talent sufficiently skilled in appropriate areas.

In the words of a company representative: “Emerging Blue fills a variety of roles ranging from C-Suite to entry-level and temporary. Our roles span across organizations including product, creative, production, supply chain, eCommerce, digital, data and analytics, sales, retail, customer service, administrative, operations, and more.”

When looking to fill such roles, Emerging Blue combs carefully through the digital sphere with a combination of expert social media campaigning and targeted advertising strategies. This approach allows it to add to a cultivated network of potential employees for specific positions and contract types.

Its EB 360 program is its latest and, according to the company, its most comprehensive service. By acting as a full partner from the outset of the hiring stage, Emerging Blue works with brands to identify and secure the final recruitment of ideal candidates. Further, its team offers assistance in Human Resources and employer branding.

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Introducing itself to San Diego labels, the agency says: “Emerging Blue is a firm that is built on people. We are a group that believes in supporting one another and helping others find that support. We partner with people and companies alike to align talent and brands. We know every day is new, and with that, is an opportunity to embrace a new you.”

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