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San Antonio Deep Tissue Massage For Sports Injury Treatment | Service Updated

A therapeutic and relaxing way to recover from injury, Evolving Bodywork’s updated deep tissue massage services combine self-care and rehabilitation for individuals living an active lifestyle. Aromatherapy scents can be included upon request.

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This update helps people recovering from sports-related injuries heal faster without medication. Deep tissue massages reduce discomfort, swelling, and inflammation, giving clients long-lasting pain relief.

Massages have been used as a form of rehabilitation and self-care for centuries. The deep tissue massage that Evolving Bodywork offers is used to treat musculoskeletal issues because it focuses on reducing pain and stiffness by applying sustained pressure with deep, slow strokes.

This type of rehabilitation treatment speeds recovery in different ways. Massages at this San Antonio studio improve circulation and bring more oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the joints and soft tissues. They help relax the muscles around the area and keep them pliable in order to prevent further damage.

For minor injuries, where the area is not splinted or in a cast, Evolving Bodywork recommends that clients start getting deep tissue massages to rehabilitate the area 72 hours after the injury. If the joint is in a cast or splint, the massage can be done as soon as it comes off.

Aside from new injuries, deep tissue massages are also recommended for chronic pain from old injuries. Whether they are sports-related or “overuse” injuries from repetitive heavy work, deep tissue massages provide long-term relief by releasing tight muscles and joints. Done regularly, massages done by professional therapists at Evolving Bodywork loosen scar tissue and improve flexibility.

The self-care aspect of massages is not one that should be overlooked when it comes to recovery. The massage studio encourages customers to see massages not as a luxury but as a small investment that enables them to enjoy sports and movement for a long time without injury.

Evolving Bodywork offers different massage durations. Clients can choose 30, 50, 80, or 110-minute sessions or buy massage packages that save them up to $80 for eight sessions. Massages are done by professional, certified massage therapists who take note of the client’s needs and pain tolerance during the session.

“Evolving Bodywork provides professional massages that target a variety of concerns while ensuring that you are fully comfortable and relaxed during your time at our massage studio,” a spokesperson for the studio said.

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