SailPoint Identity Management System Consultant For Universities: Service Update

This expansion to their service will allow the certified security architects at Azure IAM to design cloud security systems that include a range of new SailPoint products, alongside their pre-existing suite of solutions. The company has been a SailPoint partner for some time, and this expansion reflects new advancements made in the cloud security field at large.

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This new update brings SailPoint’s latest identity management systems into the Azure IAM toolkit, allowing their clients to access high-quality security features such as high-volume data protection and automated authentication. These features are available in addition to a wide range of other identification and MFA options from Microsoft and other partner companies.

This service has been geared toward mid-level institutions such as universities, whose security needs tend to require high-volume identity protection and data security measures. Azure IAM can design and implement systems to consolidate multiple digital identities and automate the password reset and verification functions of a given network, improving accessibility and speed in the process.

Azure IAM can also establish measures to protect metadata such as private keys and application security credentials, which may be especially helpful in an academic setting given that these institutions typically operate across a number of platforms. By storing this data securely, users can more easily achieve verification and access without sacrificing security across the network.

Azure IAM runs many of the systems they design through the Azure Active Directory, a platform designed to host security functionality and provide standalone MFA and password management functionality. This and other Microsoft products are part of Azure IAM’s specialty, and the consultancy has helped hundreds of companies and private organizations implement them in the past.

Overall, the addition of the new technologies from SailPoint provides Azure IAM with a toolkit capable of storing, protecting, and defending data from bad actors, both internal and external.

Azure IAM employs some of the foremost industry experts on the Azure cloud computing platform and of the cybersecurity industry at large. The company’s founders and team leaders have more than 55 years of combined experience in the cloud security and software engineering field and are constantly incorporating the latest advancements in the industry into their toolkit.

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