Said İbrahim Haşimi: Determined to lead the Social Media industry

Said İbrahim Haşimi: Determined to lead the Social Media industry

Turkey, Istanbul — Many resources try to motivate people to learn something new, make them more confident, and change their lives. However, nothing beats the true success stories of natural talents in industries because they have the power to ignite the fire within, listen to their hearts and dreams and act accordingly to achieve their goals. The story of Said İbrahim Haşimi is a true success story of a young person who believes in all these efforts and fearlessly rose to the top in the Social media industry in Turkey.

Said İbrahim Haşimi has demonstrated his excellence as an entrepreneur in the field of Social media with his initiatives that have brought him great fame. Said İbrahim has gradually become a famous name in the Social media and marketing sectors of Turkey and Europe. Said İbrahim started his career in this industry in 2019 by talking about his journey. He is a high school student and has worked with many professional teams before stepping into the hospitality and social media industry. The self-confidence of her age also inspired her to be a source of motivation and start her ventures. Today, Said İbrahim Haşimi is known for his developing brand “Said Media Agency” in the social media world.

Said İbrahim Haşimi opens more sales points with different concepts in the field of social media. You can follow him on @saidibrahimim for more updates.

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Contact No: +905359424867
Owner (individual): Said İbrahim Haşimi
Company: Said Media Agency