Sage Inventory Advisor Webinar 2023 | Recession-Proof Supply Chain Plan Launched

This new webinar, launched by Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, covers several strategies for using the Sage Inventory Advisor to its maximum potential. The next webinar will take place on February 15, 2023, at 12:30 EST, and while users can attend at no cost, they will be required to pre-register for a spot.

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Sage accounting software is often used by small and mid-size businesses to manage income and expenses in multiple currencies, track inventory, and handle invoices, but the software has several other features that many users are unaware of. Each webinar in the new series will cover one of these features and will last approximately 30 minutes, with a question-and-answer period afterwards.

Organized by a partnership between Sage, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, and Netstock, the new webinar explores how Sage Inventory Advisor can help businesses to respond to the unique inventory issues seen in the last several years. Warren Owen, Vice-President- Sales Solutions – of Netstock, will present the webinar, and attendees will be able to access a recorded version after the event.

The webinar will focus on strategies for making inventory more responsive to supply chain changes, recession-proofing, and using data collected through Sage ERP to optimize returns and customer satisfaction. It will also explore how focusing on high-velocity, high-return products when classifying inventory can highlight the areas where additional time and resources can be the most effective.

After the event, attendees will be invited to schedule a “private client needs assessment” with a specialist from Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, for more information about how each feature can be optimized for their specific needs. This appointment can also be used to develop a personalized plan based on each business’s goals and challenges.

A spokesperson explained, “Sage Inventory Advisor’s risk-based methodology gives small to mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies the visibility they need to swiftly balance inventory investment with the optimal target fill rate. This webinar will unpack what that means in the context of becoming and staying recession-proof.”

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