Safe Fragrance-Free Sea Salt Oral Rinse For Dry Mouth & Sore Throat Launched

The newly announced rinses are free of alcohol and fluoride, making them safe and effective for all ages. Rich in dozens of trace minerals, H2Ocean Sea Salt Healing Rinses come in Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice flavors.

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Enhanced with xylitol and Lysozyme, a naturally occurring enzyme that forms part of the body’s innate immune system, H2Ocean’s new rinses work with the body to assuage dry mouth and sore throat without introducing harmful ingredients known to kill the body’s “good bacteria.”

A dry mouth can occur when human salivary glands aren’t producing enough saliva. This can lead to tooth decay and difficulties chewing and swallowing food. Saliva contains important acid-neutralizing properties that H2Ocean Sea Salt Rinses mimic to hydrate the mouth and optimize oral health.

H2Ocean Sea Salt Rinses also help wash away mucus and reduce inflammation, conditions that lead to a sore or scratchy throat. When used as a gargle, the rinse introduces vitamins and natural ingredients that fight off airborne droplets that can otherwise develop into a cold or infection. Sea salt draws water out of oral tissues and creates a salt barrier that keeps harmful pathogens at bay.

Medical experts now recognize the natural healing properties found in sea salt. H2Ocean Sea Salt Rinses put these benefits to work to give conscientious consumers a bio-active natural oral care product with recognized therapeutic qualities.

The rinses help ease gum irritations, heal canker sores, remedy bad breath, and can help lift teeth staining to whiten tooth enamel. They are also a recommended cleaning product for dentures, veneers, and even piercings.

A company representative says, “In 2001, H2Ocean launched its business plan to save the ocean and the planet. Our eco-friendly sea salt products use the highest USP-grade ingredients that are safe for all ages. As the world’s premier oral and skincare company, we uphold an uncompromising level of integrity and safety standards consumers can always rely on.”

Using unrefined Red Sea Salt and USP-grade reverse osmosis water as the basis for their Sea Salt Oral Rinses, H2Ocean helps kids, parents, and grandparents optimize their oral health, and defend against dry mouth and sore throat with a natural and refreshing mouthwash.

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