Saeed Moosa Founded Codigos de Barras and Achieves Financial Freedom

Serial entrepreneur, Saeed Moosa, the founder of a Spanish company called Codigos de Barras had established this brand to assists the general public in acquiring barcodes easily with affordability. This would allow small and large business owners to barcode their products and get the products into stores quickly.

Saeed Moosa’s story is something unique from other such stories, the kind of person who did not have much of an education but had a perfectly normal upbringing. He was born and raised in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa and was an average student at school. There was no subject in school in which he would be peculiarly strong. This was the case with Saeed Moosa, a normal and an average student at the school.

Conceiving new things

At school Saeed Moosa was the kind of person who although wasn’t not a strong student academically, however he had a keen eye on the things around him. He had the ability to discern the things that would actually matter in the practical life from those things that wouldn’t.

The society had its own standards of success, according to them the only way you can achieve success is by studying hard at school, then going to a prestigious college and getting a university degree, and finally applying for a high end paying job that would enable them to have a lot of money. Saeed Moosa was not at all intrigued by this type of thinking; he thought that slaving off for another person from 9 to 5 in the evening is something that is unacceptable. He said:

Society believes that you should finish school, get a degree, and go to work from 9-5 in a ‘high paying job’. The thing was that I was not interested in a single subject and it did not make sense to me to learn certain subjects which would not help me in everyday life.”

According to him the only education that would benefit a person are those things which will help in the everyday practical life.

Creating your own path

So keeping in view of all these thoughts the first thing that Saeed did was that he left his education at an early age. As soon as he arrived in the new world that was now around him, he saw many limitless opportunities to do the things he actually loved.

So Saeed took an interest in direct marketing and started selling personal development products for a direct marketing company. This started to take off quite quickly and then he realized that this is something that could work for him and others. Now since Saeed Moosa was a keen observer of the things that would happen around him, he came to realize that the internet was a great place to promote products and services. The internet would create a much more global audience that would increase his business exponentially. This is when Saeed had taken up some online courses on marketing and learned the art of advertising which led him to establish the company called Codigos de Barras.

All journeys start from somewhere and I had taken up some online courses on marketing and advertising which led me to use the internet as a vehicle to drive traffic to my products and services.”

Taking experience from what you learn

Saeed Moosa was a person with a practical and pragmatic mind, he wanted to achieve the things that other would be afraid to do so, he wanted to give it his all. He was always open to new horizons and made sure that he is learning whatever he can from where he can. He was constantly taking experience from other people and made sure that he learnt what he can. The next thing that he would do is take what he learnt and then employ it. He made sure that what he learned was brought into practice as soon as he can.

Create an income

Saeed is now working on a few projects to help other people create their own online business. One of the projects will enable anyone to setup their own online stores and market their own products by using the power of google and facebook advertising. Apart from this, Saeed also offers a range of courses including a course to setup an online store.

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