Rural Area WiFi 4g Home LTE Internet Router Announced By Spacelink Installs LLC

The company now offers consumers across the US a powerful new alternative to satellite, dial-up, or hotspot internet connection. The Spacelink WiFi 4G Home LTE Internet Router provides a simple and reliable solution to web access without the usual long-term contracts and credit checks for customers.

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Spacelink’s device provides consistent and responsive internet access both at home and on the move, making it suitable for families and traveling professionals who need an affordable and reliable connection across the country. The device connects to the top nationwide 4G networks to ensure coverage even in remote rural areas.

“Stay connected. Stream, video chat, and enjoy stress-free access to connectivity whether at home or on the road. No contracts or fees, plus simple monthly billing,” a company spokesperson said.

Two versions of the Spacelink WiFi device are available. One is the Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot which offers flexible data plans that be upgraded or downgraded as needed. Users are not liable for any roaming charges. While this is tailor-made for mobile users, this version can also be used within the home as a powerful wireless hub, eliminating the need for any cabling or complicated installations.

The second version, the LTE Home Internet Router, comes with a bank of antennas and ethernet cable connection for faster speeds and the ability to connect up to 32 different devices at any one time. Data packages range from the entry-level 25GB up to the 800GB offering for busy households and businesses.

Despite the powerful performance offered by Spacelink WiFi devices, the company has designed products that require no expertise or technical knowledge to set up and operate. Devices arrive already fully activated, and customers simply need to switch on the router and it will automatically connect via the data plan selected at check-out.

In addition, customers can opt for the VIRTUAL SIM Router which offers connectivity via a virtual or physical SIM card. This can be controlled through a remote management portal which allows for live data monitoring and troubleshooting. The virtual router operates on the Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks, automatically switching to the best 4G carrier for the strongest and most consistent coverage.

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