Runners Mental Health Now Supported By Winning Streaks

The announcement comes as many runners who battle mental health challenges are choosing to suffer in silence. With 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of Jerry Bouma’s book “Touching Greatness, Forever Together” going toward this important issue, university program leaders in a position to facilitate change will have the funds they need to put their goals into action.

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Data from the American College of Sports Medicine indicates that 35 percent of elite athletes struggle with burnout, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental problems that many don’t talk about. With their latest announcement, Winning-Streaks unveils a program dedicated to promoting the mental wellness and holistic well-being of the student-athlete at Villanova University.

An individual struggling to manage the stresses and pressures that come with being an elite athlete can only get the help and support they need if they feel comfortable speaking up, or if coaches, program heads and fellow runners understand how to facilitate communication.

Winning-Streaks is committed to shining a light on a subject that still encounters stigma to forge important conversations and put evidence-based interventions into action.

As more is being uncovered about the prevalence of what’s now recognized as “The Invisible Opponent,” more is needed to develop and implement a much-needed shift in policy and culture.

Many of the insights and much of the growing awareness around the mental health challenges today’s university athletes often face are in fact inspired by stories of the runners featured in Bouma’s book.

Bouma presents first-hand accounts of a dedicated team that outperformed all major opposing American colleges for 16 years in a row, introducing readers to a level of discipline and determination that resulted in history-making consecutive victories.

Winning Streaks is dedicated to the success and achievements of this record-setting track team. Visitors can purchase Jerry Bouma’s book to learn about the Villanova team’s unique and unmatched story while also helping to support athletes who deserve to enjoy the successes they’re working toward without the mental anguish that threatens to undermine their experiences.

A representative of the Villanova Track & Field program says, “We complement the support on this great effort being funded by “Touching Greatness, Forever Together,” and are hopeful that together we can beat the invisible opponent. Thank you, Winning-Streaks.”

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