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Rundown Media CEO, Kiarash Behain teaches the significant ins and outs of Cryptocurrency

As a researcher specializing in stock trading, it is obvious that cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm. If you are someone who isn’t too versed in the realm of crypto, then you may take a liking to the spaces that Kiarash Behain aka “The Rundown” creates on popular social media platforms.

Kiarash Behain is a major influencer, and social media businessman. His business, Rundown Media, is a full-service creative agency geared toward social media influence and impact (big and small). He’s also an educator of financial literacy, cryptocurrency, investing, and stocks. Through social media platforms, he gives insight on the world of trading and investing in crypto, as well as the dangers that may come with it – if an individual makes poor decisions. Our team has been following Kiarash Behain for months, acquiring crypto-based knowledge along the way. Every week, thousands of eager users join him, making his rooms widely popular – holding some of the largest cryptocurrency and financial literacy rooms across the internet.

Kiarash does a great job educating people on the importance of crypto and stocks. He holds weekly spaces on various social media and streaming platforms, where everyone – from beginners to advanced investors – are welcome to indulge in conversation, share their investment journeys, or simply just listen in.

Behain says he created these spaces due to the lack of information in the crypto community. According to him, it’s vital to guide new investors through these spaces. Whether it’s crypto or stocks, he says more people need to know how to make profit and when to take profit.

Investing in crypto could be risky, especially for those who don’t have much disposable income. Behain gives pointers on how to conduct proper research – which is critical when trying to succeed in the world of stocks and cryptocurrency.

In early 2020, COVID-19 caused many traditional industries to fall between the cracks of society. It was a stressful time for most of these industries, meanwhile, the crypto market was booming like never before. Digital currencies like Bitcoin exceeded the expectations of most people, expanding its value over the course of the year. In his weekly rooms, Kiarash Behain and his team share significant details on why investors should invest in Bitcoin as soon as possible. Those who’ve already joined in the rooms have learned that Bitcoin is the most open, free, decentralized, and difficult-to-counterfeit digital currency there is.

The communities Kiarash Behain creates are unique and beautiful for many reasons. He provides an open platform for people to practice and preach the concept of doing “due diligence”, or doing your research, instead of investing blindly – a common mistake in the crypto world. “I always make it very clear that it’s important to get the opinions of a collective versus being misled by an individual or a single source when it comes to investing. Sometimes the success of an individual will persuade someone to invest into a project whose ship has already sailed, leaving them in a bad position.” says Kiarash.

The spaces are created to discuss proper techniques, such as how to go about investing in the safest, most dependable way. One point that Kiarash makes clear to his audience is that it’s not only important to make the money, it’s important to talk about what to do after making the money. “When it comes to numbers, that’s where the truth comes out.” says Behain. He stresses that there is power in numbers and that these social media gathering spaces he creates become magical when people gather as a collective to help each other instead of investing without any direction or resources.

Among these spaces are professional traders as well. They’ll convey information on cryptocurrency, and other imperatives such as how to mint your own tokens. Thousands of audience members sit in the spaces for hours, taking notes and listening closely.

Kiarash Behain also gives in-depth information on other cryptos, such as “alt coins,” which gained attention from millions of traders due to their attractive whitepapers, celebrity, or viral influence. He explains that branding and marketing are very essential. Attaching a cryptocurrency to a certain event, for example, may give the given coin more potential and make the event more successful. In return, the investment can multiply.

But there is a small disclaimer that goes along with viral and celebrity influence on trading: Invest in the digital currencies that you believe hold long-term value, instead of only investing in something because a celebrity may be tweeting about it – this goes back to doing the necessary research or “due diligence.”

Behain says that he’s proud of what he’s been able to accomplish since he began creating these essential financial literacy spaces. Helping the masses achieve their goals in creating financial freedom and generational wealth for their families through proper investing techniques has been a prioritized goal for Kiarash Behain.Be sure to follow Kiarash on all social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.