RoyalColors International/Unique2u Designs: Decor and Design that Sustainably Takes What You Already Love and Gives You More Reason to Love It

Thanks to today’s social media landscape, the power of influencers on how our lives should look can make most people feel overwhelmed. For influencers, it is all about taking that perfect shot or video, in the most stunning surroundings including their gorgeous homes with beautiful decor elements. When talking about interior design, influencers use their platform to sell products that they get sponsored to talk about, without considering whether a product is really of the right quality-price balance or whether it is sustainable or even attainable for their followers. For them it is all about selling a dream, and making a profit along the way. Even though consumers these days are savvy about making purchases, often reading many reviews and comparing prices, this is also the reason why they are easily tempted to believe in what an influencer is saying about a product. 

RoyalColors International’s Unique2u is here for everyday people who want to decorate or redecorate their homes in ways that fit their lifestyles and aspirations without breaking the bank. It was created for those who want to improve their home decor, and merely need someone to take the vision that they have and so they can see it manifest into a real design plan. It also focuses on those who are on a tight budget or are not yet ready to commit to expensive purchases. Unique2u is a straight forward business model that aims to provide the exact service you contract for, for a low enough price to allow you to have as much or as little involvement as you would like in the process during and after. This isn’t about someone else telling you what you want, or “influencing” what is trending. This is about looking at the space you have, the furniture and decorations you already own, things you enjoy, and how you want to see your space transformed. By sending photos of the space you want to refresh or upgrade, Unique2u will provide designs, floor plans, full rotation pictures and in some cases local referrals (upon request) based on your preferences and not those of an influencer or current trends.  It will consider your budget, your DIY skills and possible contractors you can work with for timeless interior design concepts.

Tamara ‘Mara’ Blakely created RoyalColors International many years ago to encompass all of the differences in the people she’s helped with design, the vibrant environments that she’s worked in and the different cultures that she’s learned about. Mara has more than 30 years of experience working in design, graphics, fashion, upholstery and decor. One of her passions is to eradicate ugly spaces or spaces that have served their usefulness. Her goal is to bring an affordable personal designer into the homes of those who cannot afford a typical design company that many times has ties to for profit companies that pay them to push sales of their many times higher priced, lower valued products. RoyalColors International’s Unique2u’s goal is to put more of that power back into the client’s hands. Encouraging them to look at what they have already, why they have it, what they like(d) about it in the first place, and how to maximize the style of their homes with less financial and ecological damage. Through Kickstarter, RoyalColors International is looking for supporters for their unique project. For more info, please check out their campaign page at