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Rortix is the largest e-commerce site in Comilla, Bangladesh By MD. Masuk Alam Noton

Shopping is now very easy with modern additions. Home delivery is also available when shopping from e-commerce sites. As a result, you don’t have to go shopping by yourself. Similarly, in Comilla city of Bangladesh, MD. Masuk Alam Noton has created an e-commerce site based on Comilla. Whose name is Rortix. Rortix has been made a big history in Comilla, Bangladesh. Now Rortix is the largest E-commerce site in Comilla, Bangladesh. This e-commerce site came to Comilla on May 09, 2021. It is founded by MD. Masuk Alam Noton. Rortix have per day 1000+ customer to purchase from Rortix. No one made that history in Bangladesh. Rortix is the Comilla based E-commerce site. Comilla is a largest city in Bangladesh. From May 09, 2021 to October 2021. Rortix has been succesfully made a big history. Which no one else has done before. Rortix have many products according to customer’s demand. Customer reviewed their purchased product positively. All of Rortix products are available at much lower prices than elsewhere. Rortix is gaining popularity in very short time. Rortix provide home delivery in 64 districts of Bangladesh including Comilla. This is why Rortix gaining popularity in very short time.

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