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Ron Bauer’s Top Tips for spotting Biotech Start-Ups To Back

Ron Bauer is a Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur – with his finger on the pulse in the life sciences sector. His primary focus is in the Life Sciences sector. He has helped mentor and finances some of the world’s most exciting ventures in partnership with Scientists from leading academic institutions such as Stanford, Kings College, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Oxford, and Cambridge. Importantly for his recent venture, GenFlow Biosciences, Ron is experienced in creative ways of financing, from early-stage seed capital to IPO’s, having consulted portfolio companies on listings in the UK, USA, and Canada.

Recently, biotech startups have sprouted alongside technology companies in Silicon Valley. The aim for most is to use biotech processes to create breakthrough therapeutics. For example, GenFlow is committed to developing gene therapies targeting the root causes of aging through a damage repair approach. However, with experts’ projections that by 2026 the biotech sector will be worth $500 billion+, companies need to ensure they are financing and growing most appropriately.

Ron adds excellent value, both financially and expertise-wise, to the companies he invests in. Through his family office investment vehicle, Theseus Capital, Ron is actively involved in the whole life cycle of investment, from early-stage seed capital right up to the investment companies’ eventual IPO or exit.

Ron is also heavily committed to mentoring up-and-coming founders and entrepreneurs. In his interview with Bits Rebels magazine, he affirms, “Providing entrepreneurs with a steady stream of information regarding business news, industry developments, networks, and opportunities can help set them and their businesses up for future success.”

With networking being paramount to success in this sector, Ron summarizes a couple of ways to spot and seek out companies that have real potential to make it big in their early stage.