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Rocket Scientist Transforms Tesla Tech into “Pocket Therapy” for Consumers

Cocoa Beach, FL ( Wednesday May 4, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

In the late 19th century, Nikolai Tesla pioneered
the use of electro-magnetism as a treatment for various illnesses and diseases.
Tesla – and many doctors – believed “complimentary healing frequencies” could neutralize
diseases, bacteria and the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Today, Tesla’s invention is known as “pulsed electromagnetic
field therapy,” or PEMF. Fox’s device, called the Pulsar XO, is now
available for sale through his company, Resona Health.

Fox – and many others – believe PEMF is effective to relieve
people suffering a wide range of ailments, from allergies and arthritis to PMS
and PTSD. He says that he hopes PEMF will free sufferers from dependence on
pharmaceuticals and/or surgery.

Electrotherapy’s Powerful Enemies

Tesla was reported to have treated a wide range of ailments
with great success. However, he also made powerful enemies who opposed his
research: the American Medical Association, (AMA) and the Carnegie Foundation.

In 1910, the Carnegie Foundation funded a report – on behalf
of the AMA – designed to drive Tesla out of the healing business. The report detailed
the “preferred medical education” for physicians in North America. The AMA used
the report to create a list of “authorized” medical schools and forbade them to
teach Tesla’s electrotherapy. At the same time, the Carnegie Foundation
threatened to withhold funding from any medical school that promoted electrotherapy.

Since doing so would put their funding at risk, medical
schools declined to teach electrotherapy. As a result, additional medical
research into Tesla’s technology all but ceased. Anyone who studied or tested
electrotherapy had to do so from outside “official” medicine.

Naysayers warned about the dangers posed by extended
exposure to electro-magnetism. Yet no one experienced more electromagnetic
exposure than Tesla himself. Tesla should have been the most obvious victim.
However, when he died in 1943, he was 86 years old, far older than the average life-expectancy
of 65 at the time of his death.

A Brief History of PEMF

Mark Fox is far from the first scientist to try to harness
Tesla’s PEMF research for the purposes of healing. Many other notable figures
have invented therapeutic devices based on electro-magnetism. These include
Royal Rife’s Rife Machine, Antoine Priore’s Priore Machine,
Rife’s assistant John Crane, who advanced Rife’s work with his Model
, Gianno Dotto’s Dotto Ring, George Lakhovsky’s unnamed
machine described in US Patent 2,351,055, and the man who invented Lockheed’s
satellite guidance system, Evans Rapsomanikis.

(Famous movie tough-guy James Coburn claims a Rapsomanikis
machine cured his
rheumatoid arthritis

All the inventors had backgrounds in electrical engineering.
All their machines were based on Tesla’s ideas about the function of
electro-magnetism in healing cells. However, all the machines were wildly
expensive and required experts to administer the treatments.

Resona Health Makes PEMF Available to the Masses

With his engineering background, Fox recognized that Tesla’s
ideas were fundamentally sound. Yet if PEMF had any chance to disrupt the
modern medical paradigm, he knew it had to be made accessible to the masses.

Fox realized that he could modify common consumer electronic
devices – namely Bluetooth speakers and MP3 players – to generate pulsed
electromagnetic frequencies. Though the strength of the PEMF waves would be lower
than the expensive, high-powered machines, the actual PEMF waveforms would be identical,
and research has shown higher strength fields are not necessary for relief.

The device he created, the Pulsar XO, is an “FDA low-risk
general wellness device.” It is available now for consumer use, as well as for at-home
pilot studies.

For a list of therapies currently available with the Pulsar
XO, see the Resona.Health website under “Protocols.” Current Home Pilot Studies can be found
on the web site as well and include PTSD, Migraines, and Weightloss.

For details and additional information, contact Resona
Health at [email protected]

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