Rochester Eldercare advisor Mike Kearney to serve on Senior Care Advisory Board

Senior Care Authority has announced its Franchise Advisory Board for 2023, members include Mike Kearney, Lisa Isbell, Don Minter, and Mark Molnar. The franchise owner-elected board provides feedback and solutions to help the entire system, including franchisees and the families they serve.

Senior Care Authority franchisees have fantastic ideas from their professional backgrounds and day-to-day business operations. The owners are eager to share insights on challenges they’ve faced and solutions that worked. The Franchise Advisory Board helps further the company shared goal–to do what’s best for clients and their families. Members of the Franchise Advisory Board are experienced franchisees who have become experts in certain aspects of their business, and consequently, mentor and advise their peers in business ownership. Frank Samson, founder, and CEO of Senior Care Authority, said “The Senior Care Authority Franchise Advisory Board (FAB4) is so critical to our entire operation. The input and expertise we receive from this diverse group of professionals is key to helping our organization achieve its goals.”

Mike Kearney, franchise co-owner of Senior Care Authority in Rochester New York G, will serve as President of the Senior Care Authority Franchise Advisory Board. Kearney has been a lifelong sales and marketing professional working across many industries including sports marketing and telecommunications. After experiencing the challenges associated with caring for aging parents firsthand, Mike chose to become a Senior Care Authority franchisee so that he could help others navigate this challenging landscape. “As a lifelong sales executive, I always believed that my mission was to help others. But in this role, I am helping families that are under stress and in great need. I am grateful to be in a position to make an impact on the lives of seniors and their families,” Kearney explained. “Grateful to learn from the others that came before. Exiting board members John Alagood and Roger Sunner were great examples of successful franchisees but also advocates for their fellow franchisees. The hope is to serve as a sounding board for franchisors as well as be of service to fellow franchisees. Honored to serve in this role.”


Senior Care Authority(R) was founded in 2009 and currently serves 75 locations in 28 states. The network consists of professionally trained and experienced local advisors who assist families with the overwhelming challenges associated with selecting the best options in assisted living, memory care, nursing care, eldercare consulting and navigating through a complex healthcare system. Senior Care Authority is the exclusive provider of the Beyond Driving with Dignity program . Learn more at

For more information or to schedule an interview with a representative from Senior Care Authority, please contact Mickelle Marston, 801-898-3431

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