ROAD FC – Leveraging Blockchain Innovations in the MMA World

ROAD FC is an NFT-powered platform that leverages blockhain innovations to foster a novel ecosystem for the MMA community. Athletes may get the assistance they require from this community to maintain and build their careers, whereas fans meet to cheer for their favourite athletes via bets and games to profit from their passion for the sport.  The experts behind this project have established an internal economic loop with a three-token system that assures cash flow as long as interest is there. Overall, the Road FC P2E economy is centred on $ROAD, $GRIT, and NFTs.


Players will be able to earn money (P2E) while playing Road Fighters thanks to this intricate NFT- and Tokenomics system. Road Fighters is a card game that allows you to combat, breed, and wager in games. It is a hybrid of an auto battler decentralised game, an NFT collection, a BSC network, and a hyper-scalable Polygon full-stack solution. Players have access to nearly $0 gas prices for minting and assets and sub-second transaction speed with all user-maintained custody.

The key token in this ecosystem is $ROAD. It serves as the link between all of the operations carried out on their platform. Users must stake ROAD or ROAD/BNB LP in the Road pools to begin playing the games. Furthermore, $GRIT may be gained by completing the daily tasks and assignments in Road Fighter. This token may also be gained by winning a gaming bet.

Staking in ROAD POOL

Moving forward, ROAD FC provides a plethora of additional opportunities. To earn Energy Points, $ROAD tokens may be used in a smart contract. Stakes may also be locked and held for a longer period to create a higher share. The $ROAD single-stake pool owns 30% of the pool, whereas the ROAD/BNB LP pool owns 70% of the whole pool.

Mint & Breed

Throughout the engagement with ROAD FC, players will gain Energy Points for your efforts. Energy Points must purchase NFT fighters to play the game. To pay for breeding cards, a $ROAD token is needed. $GRIT may be earned by completing daily tasks and objectives in Road Fighter.

Explore the ROAD CF world by Placing a Bet

The match prediction mechanism will significantly contribute to the increase in the value of ROAD tokens. ROAD FC offers a service that allows for the prediction of the result of ordinary matches as well as matches on prospective player platforms. In general, there will be weekly ranking leader boards that are updated in real time, and select top rankers will get $GRIT tokens. Additionally, the winner receives everything, including the loser’s stake.

In the Minor League, you may use your NFT stats cards to wager on other users’ card battles. Additionally, it is possible to sponsor a betting card’s stat abilities (attack power, defensive power, stamina, etc.) and get a reward if his wager is successful. After betting with Grit tokens, you will get $GRIT tokens as a prize. Finally, the Winner gets it all! The winner receives the loser’s wager.

For those seeking a greater challenge, the Major League is also available. Players may wager on normal ROAD FC player matches (using the currency $ROAD)..

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