Rize Education Collaborates with Google and Unity to Offer Skill-Based College Majors Aimed at Addressing Labor Market Shortages

New York-based education technology company Rize Education has announced a new academic collaboration with tech giants Google and Unity. Rize has previously announced official collaborations with a range of other multi-billion dollar firms, including men’s grooming retailer Harry’s Razors.

The brand-name companies Rize has formed collaborations with are actively working with them to mold their curriculum to best fill in the knowledge and skill gaps identified by hiring managers at major firms throughout the nation. This, they hope, will help the United States grapple with the looming long-term labor shortage in qualified technical and strategic positions. The attainment of specific in-demand skills is set to make college students who have taken Rize courses an ideal fit for a range of high-growth, lucrative job openings in which demand drastically oustrips supply and salaries are on the ascent. This will thereby enable students who have taken Rize courses to navigate the job market in a riskless fashion that all but ensures a far speedier and more productive job search than that experienced by the average fresh graduate.

The firms Rize is working with have also informed the manner in which the relevant courses are taught. Hiring managers believe that an over-emphasis on testing and fact memorization has led to a glut of graduates who are unsuited to tackle many of the day-to-day responsibilities thrust upon them by workplaces that require critical thinking. To this end, Rize courses heavily prioritize “soft skill” development in addition to hard skills through collaborative student-led group projects that enable students to obtain the experience needed to create value in projects on the job. Rize’s curricular projects also serve a valuable credentialing function, for students are encouraged to add completed projects to their professional portfolio and resume, giving hiring managers a crucial means of ascertaining a student’s subject-specific expertise.

To add further value to the student and utility to future employers, each Rize course features industry speakers from leading corporations who give students the insider knowledge they need to achieve success in their professional endeavors. Speakers inform students as to the expectations and responsibilities they can expect from a range of engaging and lucrative careers, and also provide invaluable insight into the myriad factors behind a hiring decision, lifting the curtain on a subject that causes many students considerable worry and vexation.

Although Rize’s current collaborative efforts and course offerings are already formidable, company executives and co-founders Kevin Harrington and Connor McCarthy have stated that they are always searching for new ways to add value to their programs for both students and employers. Further innovation in this regard, therefore, would come as no surprise.