Richy Rich ape club offers an exclusive resort where your NFT doubles as your Luxury apartment key!

Are you ready to experience a luxurious lifestyle in the metaverse? Welcome to the Richy Rich Ape Club; the first ever NFT that doubles as your very own apartment key in the exclusive Richy Rich Tower. The Richy Rich Tower is an extravagant luxury resort built for High Profile Blue Chip NFT collectors, celebrities and athletes. Buy, sell or rent your own property in the metaverse! Richy Rich Ape Club gives NFT owners their own Richy Rich Tower membership card which grants exclusive access to an interactive and electric experience featuring a live casino, nightclubs, pools, celebrity performances, a high roller room and of course your own apartment in the metaverse!

NFT holders can customize their apartment to their liking and even invite their friends. Some of the more rare NFTs grant owners access to their own customizable penthouse. Additionally, they can gamble in the casino using the resort’s native Richy Rich currency ($RRAC) with the ability to buy in with Ethereum and play blackjack and all other casino games for a chance to win more $RRAC, then cash out with Eth! The resort’s casino will also give holders the ability to gain different tiers of status levels while gambling. Here’s the best part – by holding a Richy Rich Ape Club NFT, owners will receive a percentage of the casino’s revenue! Nearly every amazing feature at the resort is a form of revenue. The opportunities are endless! The only way to gain access is to own a Richy Rich Ape!

In the future, Richy Richy Ape Club developers will include even more activities to engage in at the resort, in addition to curating various events in-person and in the metaverse for RRAC holders. The team also has amazing partnerships in place with well known gambling sites, as well as an exciting new partnership that will be announced publicly after minting day. Make sure to stay tuned for our celebrity events at the RR Tower!

You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to gain exclusive access to the Richy Rich Tower! It will be an experience to remember. 10,000 Richy Rich Ape NFTs will be released before the end of the year. Purchase a Richy Rich Ape Club NFT, receive your exclusive membership key to your apartment, customize your luxury resort experience, gamble, stay for a performance and earn a percentage of the casino’s revenue ONLY at the Richy Rich Tower! Get ready to mint now!