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Rich’s Tree Service, Inc Offers Quality and Reliable Tree Care Services

Rich’s Tree Service, Inc understands that there are several things that may put arborists at risk while on the job. Despite the severity of the risks associated, Rich Gillum and his team have chosen to take them head on because of their high training backed with several years of work experience in the industry, learning most of their lessons the hard way.

The company’s arborist services include tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree cabling, and tree planting. Their tree trimming services include hazard pruning, thinning, elevating, crown reduction, view clearing, pollarding, and fruit tree pruning. Rich and his team are not only trained in the safety and precision required for a tree trimming job but also have a knack for the biology of plant matter to make only the necessary cuts to ensure that the tree continues to thrive after the trimming. The company also responds to tree risk assessment and storm and emergency tree services.

Upon solving any tree-related problems, the company will clean up the worksite by disposing of all the lopped plant matter using the appropriate waste disposal methods for the safety of both the client and the environment.

“Rich is a great arborist, I have used 10 – 12 different companies and he is the best. He is honest and mid-range as far as cost. If you want someone cheap that will top your trees and make them look like trash, don’t call Rich because he won’t do this type of work. He looks to find the best solution for the client and the health of their trees.” – Paul.

The tree service team at Rich’s Tree Service, Inc is certified and possesses in-depth knowledge of all the technical aspects pertaining to professional tree service. These arborists have also undergone extensive training to boost their experience and efficiency to deliver fast yet effective services.

In addition, Rich’s Tree Service, Inc has taken the initiative to educate its clients on how to preserve their valuable trees as well as prevent the spread of disease and insect damage. The company believes this is an important preventative approach to improving the overall landscape and avoiding the high costs of correcting tree-related property damage.

Rich’s Tree Service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This makes them one of the few tree services companies that carry workers’ compensation coverage, protecting clients from injury-related lawsuits in the tree service industry.

Established in 1989 by ISA-certified arborist Rich Gillum, Rich’s Tree Service has been striving to meet customers’ tree care needs with honesty, integrity, and dependability. The company has risen to the top accomplishing even the most challenging jobs safely, systematically, and with consideration of a customer’s needs.

For more information about Rich’s Tree Service, Inc, call (503) 678-9664 or visit the company’s website.

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