Reward Cycle Scheduled To Be Launched In December

Reward Cycle team is very pleased to announce regarding its upcoming launch later in the month. With having seen a lot of ups and downs of investing in cryptocurrency projects, Reward Cycle aims to change that.

Reward Cycle launched its initiative on October 30th, 2021, and has forever changed the way user considers Reward Tokens. At least, that’s the case for the RC holders who participated in the AMA, follows our social media accounts, and intend to put their reward cash back into the project.

Listed On PancakeSwap And P2PB2B

Reward Cycle Token is already listed on PancakeSwap and p2pb2b, so users may purchase RC tokens through there.

AMA Performed

Reward Cycle Team have performed AMA, it was done on December 5th, 2021.

Following Points Were Discussed During The AMA:

  • 2.4 million Tokens will be bought back and burned as planned
  • Demo video of the RC1 Launchpad’s final phase 4-5
  • RC Referral Contest ($500 first prize, $300 second prize, and $100 third prize)
  • On December 4th, 2021, a private sale for the Rc2 token raised 80 BNB in 30 seconds.
  • Join our Sweepwidget Competition for the 200 Whitelist spots

DeFi Protocol

Reward Cycle is a Defi protocol on the Bscscan network that uses a manual buy-back and burn function to provide automatic rewards and tier systems. The blockchain is influenced by RC Launchpad.

The Binance Smart Chain will host the Launchpad, which will be used to launch new IDO coins via PancakeSwap, a decentralized liquidity exchange.

Reward Cycle LaunchPad

The RC Launchpad is a platform that provides prospective users with access to a Launchpad that is specifically designed to assist new project creators in easily disseminating their tokens with or without vesting periods while simultaneously raising capital.

Because of its simple functionalities, project owners may find the Launchpad to be state-of-the-art and an alternative to current launching platforms.

RC2 – Primary Objective

Rc2’s primary goal is to assist RC1. There would be no Rc2 without RC1. Rc2 will serve as a lead generation platform for the RC1 Launchpad. Rc2 will be a new token voting platform, similar to the websites coinhunt, coinsniper, and coindiscovery, where most, if not all, project owners or their teams’ list new tokens, and RC platform Rc2 will be similar.

The Rc2 Website will generate free leads for the RC1 Launchpad, which they will convert into sales. Rc2 will provide RC1 with new customers and revenue, which is crucial for RC1.

All of that traffic will go to Rc2, resulting in an increase in leads and ad revenue for Rc2 as well as a direct impact on RC1 revenue. Aside from that, the Rc2 will buy back 3% of RC1 to help the latter’s price rise. Holders of RC1 will benefit from Rc2.

Further details about it is available on Reward Cycle Links page.

To buy RC tokens on the listing websites, users can use Poocoin pair charts or Dextools.

Company Name: Reward Cycle

Contact Name: Reward Cycle


Location: UK/London