Revealed: Strategies to earn from Facebook

Facebook is one of the most reliable sources of earning traffic. So is Facebook good enough to earn you $500 every single day? Well many people are making $1000’s on Facebook and other part of the internet every day. If you are struggling to make $500 in a single day. Then you have to re-think about your approach on Facebook.

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Your approach on each platform should differ. The strategies used in Pinterest Marketing might not work on Facebook. Because people behave differently on different social media platforms, you need to analyze and understand the behavior of your audience.

Over the years, Facebook has grown into a competitive space to make money and do marketing. Many beginners are using Facebook strategies in a wrong way. They are either learning such strategies from Fake Guru’s (or) they are just not getting the process.

Steps to Make Money on Facebook; Make $500 Daily

1.) Start Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing helps you make commissions by sending your referrals to an affiliate offer. There are multiple niches to choose for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is said to grow by 8.2 billion by 2022. Thus hundreds of niche products are being sold every day using affiliate marketing.

It is easy to become an affiliate and start reaching people to sell stuff on facebook marketplace, in any niche. To find a good niche for affiliate marketing on Facebook. Use Keywords tools (or) just use Google and Facebook to do the research. The most profitable niches for affiliate marketing according to me are:

  • Online Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Pet Products

You can choose any of the above niches that you like. You can search for the products within your interested topics and look on Facebook who is promoting such products. If many people are promoting products on Facebook in your niche, then it’s an opportunity for you to sell those products too.

After selecting your niche, the important part is to find the best selling products in your niche and become an affiliate for them. You can either choose to promote any physical product (or) digital product available in your niche.

You can find the best affiliate products in your niche by signing up in any of these marketplaces:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. JVZoo
  3. ClickBank
  4. WarriorPlus
  5. Digistore24

Once you’ve signed up for any of the above marketplaces, find products in your niche and research how the products are performing in terms of no-of sales, refund rate, conversion rate, and, most importantly, check if your product is in the top-selling list.

If a product is selling good in the market and has low refund rates. Then, it makes it easier for you to sell such products as a beginner

Note: Selling digital products is a good choice if you’re looking for high commissions. Typically most of the digital products give you commissions of 40–70% for each sale to make.

Building sales funnels and generating income is the most effective way to promote any product on Facebook. In general, sales funnel is a process where you implement series of steps to convert your traffic into customers. The most essentials steps to build a sales funnel are:

  • Creating a Landing/Squeeze Page
  • Having an Email Autoresponder

Landing Page is the starting step in creating sales funnels. The purpose of a landing page is to collect people’s emails. After collecting their email ID’s, people will be redirected to your affiliate product which you’re promoting and if they don’t buy your affiliate product at the first glance. You can re-target them via your emails.

2.) Leverage Facebook Ads To Make $500 Per Day: If you know anything about Facebook ads, you know that Facebook ads works on interest based targeting. Which is why Facebook is considered to be a budget-friendly and better converting traffic source on the internet.

Facebook allows you to run ads for a minimum budget of $5 per day, and you can run multiple ads at a time. Running ads is a significant way of getting leads and making money on Facebook.

Most marketers who are doing affiliate marketing on Facebook and earning $1000’s of dollars by leveraging Facebook ads. If you want to learn step-step on How to make $500 per day on Facebook using ads. You can choose any of the courses:

If you want to learn Facebook ads all by yourself. It will take some time to understand and implement ad strategies in the right way to make $500 per day on Facebook. But I can help you with understanding the three essential elements of running a Facebook ad campaign:

  • Target The Right Interests
  • Having a Good Ad Copy
  • Implementing Advance Ad Strategies

Since we know that Facebook Ads work on Interested based targeting. It’s up to us to do our fair bit of research and sort out our target audience interests. You can start by running your ads using most common and general interests in your niche.

You can later sort out your interests after you test a bunch of common interests and analyzing which interests are best working for you.

Best Way to Invest in Cryptocurrency and Make $500 Daily is a bitcoin investment platform that offers you the opportunity to make over $500 daily on your investment. You can start with free traffic methods to make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing. All you need is a facebook account, to create the facebook page or group for sending messages and advertising through affiliate links on your social network, especially facebook community.

But it takes time, and you need to be patient with your efforts to get results. On the other end, paid traffic methods on Facebook does promise better and faster results. But If you’re a beginner, you can do many things wrong during your first few ad campaigns. Following the above steps are proven to work for many affiliate marketers.

You can check again and again with any affiliate marketer on Facebook who is making more than $500 per day is bound to teach you the same things. It’s up-to you on How you wanna learn it and quickly earn from it. For beginners, it wise to use free traffic and get leads coming into their autoresponder.

Your email list is the biggest asset of your online income. As your email list grows bigger by number, you can target more people with your affiliate products and get better results.

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