Reusable Ice Pack, Large Cold Therapy Wrap For Pain Relief

Excellent Relief’s Universal Ice Pack Cold Wrap offers instant, long-lasting pain relief in the elbows, forearms, back, thighs, knees, shins, calves, and other body areas. The wrap utilizes Cool Relief’s superior ice pack technology, which stays colder longer than traditional ice packs.

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Most ice packs and wraps on the market today either are not designed to target multiple areas of the body or require an additional bandage or compress to hold them in place. The new Universal Ice Pack Cold Wrap from Cool Relief addresses both problems thanks to its multi-purpose shape and self-adhering compression sleeve.

The Universal Ice Pack Cold Wrap is lightweight and versatile, allowing it to be applied to several body areas. Its soft cloth compression sleeve with Velcro straps keeps it tight wherever it is worn on the body. The wrap’s segmented ice inserts also offer extra support to the injury and cooling benefits.

Regarding the cooling benefits of the ice inserts, they can provide up to two hours of cold therapy after just one freezing. This is due to their proprietary soft-gel inner ice, which retains its temperature for extended periods. The inserts are also reusable, so if customers purchase an additional insert, they can rotate them out as needed.

While the Universal Ice Pack Cold Wrap can treat many injuries, it’s most commonly used for injuries like shin splints, calf sprains, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, back swelling and soreness, carpal tunnel, wrist sprains, arthritis, tendinitis. Its universality makes it a preferred cold therapy option for many doctors, physiotherapists, and surgeons.

“The Universal Ice Pack Cold Wrap from Cool Relief gives me the pain relief I need while allowing me to remain mobile and active,” said Laura Smith, a satisfied customer. “By purchasing an extra ice insert, I’ve been able to keep cycling them out so I never have a blip in therapy. It’s come in helpful lately.”

About Cool Relief

Excellent Relief has provided customers with medical-grade personal cooling and heating devices since 2007. In addition to the Universal Ice Pack Cold Wrap, the company offers cold wraps for the knees, shoulders, hips, back, ankles, feet, wrists, elbows, jaw, face, and neck.

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