Restorative Practice Book To Promote Compassion For School Administrators Launch

Hacking School Culture contains practical strategies for preventing bullying, promoting and sustaining respectful communication, and coaching critical questioning. Following recent restocking, teachers can now purchase a digital, paperback, or hardcover version of the book.

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Times 10 Publications’ announcement comes amid growing awareness of the prevalence of bullying in schools. Statistics show that one in five students report being bullied. Students who are victims of bullying are more likely to develop mental health disorders and perform poorly in school, whereas students who engage in bullying are at risk of developing long-term behavioral and emotional problems.

Written by veteran teacher Angela Stockman and certified psychologist Ellen Feig Gray, Hacking School Culture provides readers with a human-centric approach to bullying prevention. The book combines positive psychology, real-world experience, and evidence-based research to delineate easy-to-apply strategies that will help teachers connect more with their students, become role models, and cultivate a compassionate environment in the classroom.

Citing many cases of educators and school systems that were successful in such endeavors, Hacking School Culture offers readers the tools to broach sensitive topics with students. The authors note that strengths-based teaching and learning are important for improving school culture. They emphasize that teachers should encourage activism and respectful communication while empowering students to resolve conflict peacefully. By creating a learning environment with mutual understanding as the basis, students will be able to better learn about empathy and tolerance.

Hacking School Culture is one of the many resources from Times 10 Publications that busy educators can refer to for practical solutions that are immediately applicable in the school setting. In particular, this book is part of a series of publications that aims to provide educators with novel suggestions for improving the environment and culture in their classrooms.

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A satisfied reader said: “I used this book for a book club I organized for my school. I loved each hack. The way it is written is simple, practical, and easy to understand. It also provided great resources on how to implement their suggestions. It was well-cited too.”

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