Rest On High Elevates Ash Scattering Services to New Heights

Rest On High has launched its new aerial ash scattering memorial services to the Richland, Washington area. Combining the tranquility of the skies with a dignified, heartfelt farewell, Rest On High is transforming the way families honor their loved ones and their final wishes.

Losing a loved one is an emotional journey, and Rest On High understands the importance of creating a meaningful and uplifting experience for those left behind. With their custom built, state-of-the-art aerial ash scattering plane, families can now bid farewell to their loved ones in a truly extraordinary and unforgettable way.

By harnessing the beauty of flight, Rest On High offers a unique opportunity to honor the memory of a cherished individual by scattering their ashes from an aircraft, gently releasing them into the heavens above. The awe-inspiring aerial perspective not only provides a serene and spiritual setting but also creates an everlasting connection between the departed and the natural world.

Rest On High stands out from other ash scattering services by prioritizing safety, professionalism, and personalization. Each flight is conducted by an extremely experienced and compassionate pilot who handles every detail with the utmost care. Families have the freedom to choose the exact time, and location of the flight, ensuring a customized experience that aligns with their loved one’s wishes.

“Our mission at Rest On High is to create a transformative experience that helps families find solace and closure while celebrating the life of their loved one,” said Jon Ray, CEO and Chief Pilot with Rest On High. “Our aerial ash scattering service symbolizes a profound connection between the earthly realm and the boundless skies, leaving families with a sense of peace and an enduring memory.”

Rest On High also offers a range of additional add on services to enhance the overall experience. Families can opt to view the release of ashes from a number of selected locations, add rose petals and/or flower seeds to the release, and a commemorative video of the aerial ashes scattering.

Rest On High’s aerial ash scattering ensures families will find solace knowing that their loved one’s final journey will be conducted with the utmost care, respect, and dignity.

For more information about Rest On High and its aerial ash scattering service, please visit

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