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Resilience Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Creative Branding Report Released

The latest report from the international branding agency identifies resilience as a key characteristic of successful leadership and provides readers with advice on how they can incorporate grit and determination into their company strategy in order to drive business growth.

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The report interviews Nick Platt, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of LO:LA, on his experiences with fostering resilience within a business strategy. He affirms that this trait is more important than ever for entrepreneurs and business leaders given the recent global health crisis, which has necessarily demanded that organizations recalibrate their operations and respond to changes in their industry.

The creative branding agency leader shares his five top pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop resilience and grit. These industry-insider tips include brand authenticity, commitment to the process, and being proactive when plans go awry.

LO:LA’s CEO has over 30 years of experience in big agency advertising and creative marketing. He has worked on creating campaigns for Toyota, Nescafe, the Bank of America, and Mattel. He has received a number of industry accolades for his work in the field, including being awarded Gold at the ECHOs and the London International Advertising Awards. Platt and the LO:LA marketing team are dedicated to delivering big advertising agency quality at cost-effective prices.

LO:LA is a creative advertising agency based between London and Los Angeles. They are committed to offering a combination of the “outside the box” creativity of an independent company with their extensive big brand experience.

The professional agency offers a comprehensive range of services, helping their clients strengthen their brand voice and strategy while responding to the latest trends and insights. Moreover, they can support their clients with UX and UI design in order to captivate their customer base and enhance their digital presence. This includes app development, SEO campaigns, content strategy, video production, and social media marketing.

In the article, Mr. Platt said, “Be authentic to your brand. So many times, I have seen success prevail when you go back to the fundamentals of your business, getting everyone on the same page and demonstrating the grit to see that through will make all the difference.”

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