Residential Gas Strut Window With Countertops Mounting For Party Serving Launch

This space-maximizing and minimalist design window has long been a top choice for commercial and hospitality clients, and now OpenUp Windows has a new model that has been designed especially for American homes. Their new residential gas strut window has been made for mounting on countertops and tabletops and has been created with party serving and home entertainment in mind.

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The launch of OpenUp Windows’ new window model, called the OpenUp(R) Gas Strut Pass-Through Awning Window, coincides with the rising trend for at-home entertaining in America. As a recent article on Luxury Lifestyle Magazine described, the humble dinner party is back, with more Americans now opting to have their friends over than to head out.

However, as Luxury Lifestyle Magazine stated, this also means that homeowners are looking to make their events and dinner parties stand out. OpenUp Windows believes that one way to enjoy genuinely special and successful events at home is to install one of their new gas strut countertop windows.

Their minimalist design and high-quality building materials make their new window a visual enhancement to any kitchen, dining, or family room, as well as a functional tool that improves indoor and outdoor living.

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OpenUp Windows’ new OpenUp(R) Gas Strut Pass-Through Awning Window represents over 40 years of research and development, and the window makers believe it surpasses its competition due to its array of features.

For any interested homeowner, they believe their patented 2Fold(R) Technology – which combines sustainable, recycled, and beautiful Accoya(R) wood with durable extruded tubular aluminum – makes their window the most functional and long-lasting on the market. To maximize its sustainability credentials, OpenUp Windows also adds UV protection to all its windows.

OpenUp Windows is confident that a gas strut pass-through window will change the way a homeowner enjoys their indoor and outdoor spaces and will give them a new lease on their home life.

A spokesperson for the high-quality window makers said, “Our new residential OpenUp(R) Gas Strut Pass-Through Awning Window integrates the indoors and outdoors–for any home. OpenUp Windows is proud to be creating an opportunity for not only spectacular views but more connection and socialization for your active family.”

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