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Rentabus Makes Your Journey A Memorable One

Rentabus, one of the most reputed providers of bus services throughout New Zealand, has simplified the method of booking buses in New Zealand. 

Three friends got together and decided that there must be a better way and simpler way to book buses, so they developed an application and system that takes the strain and stress off those who are wanting to book a bus.  Rentabus was formed and has become one of the leading providers of bus booking throughout New Zealand. 

The methodology they use to develop the business is based on Lean principles, primarily using the lean startup method.  This is where they have a goal which they write out all their assumptions and then develop quick tests for these assumptions.  Its a way to fail fast, rather than sinking significant amounts of money into a business that never will succeed. 

They provide buses for all occasions across New Zealand.  We see people booking for sightseeing, excursions, school trips, college trips, wedding, birthday parties, picnics and social get together.  Also we expect that after covid has disappeared (let’s keep our fingers crossed) that tourist will come back in great numbers and start booking tours. 

Rentabus has a simple 3 step process, tell us your route, select the type of bus you want and then fill out your details.  We can then find the right bus for you from all the variety of suppliers.   We really take the stress off you and make it easy for you to get the right bus for your needs.

Rentabus always engages in improving the system, Rentabus uses the latest state-of-the-art-technology to ensure the customers do not have to face any hassles. A number of ways you contact them through email, phone, the booking form.  All designed to make it easy for the customer. This is one of the reasons that Rentabus has emerged as one of the most trusted companies in the transportation domain.

Rentabus also works with a number of activity suppliers that provide discounts if you book through rentabus.  It’s a great way to save money and time and have an amazing experience.  New Zealand has so many activities and Rentabus helps to open these up to groups. 

Travelling by bus is stress free.  No need to worry about parking, some of the group getting lost, arriving at different times.  You have your whole group together, all experiencing the same thing at the same time. 

If you are after a memorable journey and want to get a bus without the hassle, then rentabus is the key thing for you.  They are available 24/7 and can find buses at short notice for 15 to 500 people.  They provide a personalised service for you, to take the hassle out of the booking and journey, so you can simply relax and enjoy the destination. 

New Zealand has so much variety that you can surf in the beach in the morning and be in the snow in the afternoon.  It’s truly amazing.  If you want a safe way to travel then hiring a bus through rentabus is the way to go.   You don’t have to worry about travelling a night, through a rain storm, over mountain passes.  Let the bus driver who is trained in these things take you on the journey. 

If you are worried about budget, we provide a bus class of buses.  If you want luxury, we provide the best you can get.  We know buses and we know how to get you the right one. 

Rentabus can service the whole of New Zealand.  We have taking people to the far north, to the bay of islands all the way to invercargill and bluff.  Book with rentabus to get the best deals and best bus for your trip.