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Rendevous in Zibo, toast-The third Tsingtao Beer Festival held in Zibo was successfully concluded

The weather in early autumn is ideal, the breeze is blowing gently, and the Zibo Exhibition Center is full of laughter.

On the evening of August 28th, the closing ceremony of the 3rd Tsingtao Beer Festival in Qingdao in 2022 kicked off in Zhangdian District, Zibo City. With the beat of the music, people raised their cups in succession, reveled in the rich beer fragrance, and reluctantly bid farewell to this banquet.

Since 2020, Zibo has held three beer festivals. This beer festival was held for the first time by Zibo Cultural Travel Company, with the theme of “Sharing the Charm of Zibo”, highlighting culture, vitality, innovation and trend, integrating city brand culture, characteristic performing arts, night market economy, influencer scene, characteristic parade, etc., and setting up four theme areas: urban cultural area, entertainment and leisure area, theme interpretation + cuisine area and influencers venue, so as to create Zibo city brand and highlight its charm.

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Ten days ago, in the large-scale song and dance performance of Qile Zibo, the laser drum and the traditional dragon drum blended with each other, which aroused the inner waves of the audience. Bright lights set off every smiling face, and dynamic music beats everyone’s heart. Since that night, “Zibo Pearl” has been celebrated.

This is a grand banquet. Naturally, food and entertainment are indispensable.

The theme of this beer festival is to highlight local culture and reflect the characteristics of Zibo. Famous dishes such as “Fatty Squid”, “Qingluli”, “Drunken Calf” and “Dahongmen”, as well as famous restaurants such as Hani’s and Beilu Park Cafe, provide delicious food for everyone and satisfy consumers of different ages. Also, kebabs, hairy crabs, steamed scallops, and more than 200 kinds of snacks make people excited.

The climax of festival must be beer. At this dinner, besides Tsingtao Beer, seven other brands of beer will be introduced. Zibo, with fine beeer welcomes guests from all directions. In the distance, a bundle of beer glistened in a glass bottle. After a busy day, people, with three or five friends, have a drink here, and temporarily forget the work at hand. What is left is a kind of enjoyment.

After eating and drinking, people can go to the starlight camping area, enjoy the stars, the moon, starlight, tents and wine. Participating in the parade, people seem to walk into a fairytale world; Even, people can take part in a beer king contest to test their capacity for beer.

The relevant person in charge of Zibo Cultural Travel Company said that in order to bring the inheritance of “intangible cultural heritage” to the contemporary society, this year’s festival took “Qi Culture” and “Five Good Cities” as highlights, and launched “Shandong Handmade Qi Product Zibo Cultural Creation Market and Intangible Cultural Heritage Market” to show the charm of inheritance and innovation, combine intangible cultural heritage with contemporary life, and let more people know about intangible cultural heritage and identify with intangible culture.

“The success of this festival reflects the determination of Zibo’s stable economic development and the vitality of citizens’ life.” Chen Yaoming of Shandong Jinqi Catering Management Co., Ltd. said that he is from Jining. He has been doing business in Zibo these years, and he feels that the environment here is getting better. “This beer festival is really great. It can not only drive consumption, but also provide a leisure place for everyone, and make young people in Zibo more energetic!”

At the closing ceremony, it drizzled in the sky. “Zibo Pearl” is like an ink painting under the bright light, which makes the city more charming.

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