Remodeling Company Makes Dream Kitchens And Baths A Reality For Many Homeowners

When searching for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling company, most homeowners are looking for a business with great contractors, affordable rates, great customer service, and quality workmanship. However, what you most likely aren’t looking for is a loan company, even though you may probably want one to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Remodel The Kitchen is a local bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractor founded with its parent company in 1995, servicing the southeast Pennsylvania area. For more than 20 years, their driving force has been to put smiles on the face of everyday working people by helping them with their bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs. However, due to how expensive remodeling can be, Remodel The Kitchen started offering renovation financing.

It is no surprise that the cost of materials is rising, and wages are not rising fast enough to meet expenses. Still, homeowners continue to remodel their kitchens and baths. It may be to suit their personal taste or to raise the value of their home in case they want to sell. This is not surprising as the latest studies show that kitchen remodeling increases the value of your home, and 80% of buyers prefer to see a newly furnished kitchen when considering their purchase. In fact, the ROI on kitchen remodeling falls around 75% to 80% of your remodeling expenses. At the end of the day, renovation and remodeling are personal experiences, as most people just want their home to look its best.

With over two decades of experience, Remodel The Kitchen has been very clear about its mission to try and make its customer’s homes their havens with whatever budget their customers have. The entire idea is to help their clients through every kitchen remodeling stage, starting from the conceptualization stage to helping customers form an idea of what they want, choosing the right materials, working out the budget, potentially financing the project, and then actually remodeling the space. Whether customers need to have their floors, sink, walls, cabinets or lighting changed, the company has the expertise to handle everything from A to Z. Additionally, for customers without enough money to pay on the spot, Remodel The Kitchen can help them find the right payment plan, loan, or home equity line of credit. Remodel The Kitchen has access to a vast network of contractors and retailers that trust their business and can leverage this trust to help customers get the best quality for their money.

An executive at Remodel The Kitchen says, “If your home doesn’t have enough credit for a home equity loan and you aren’t ready for the hassle of personal loans, you can choose our financing options. And as a remodeling company, we take the needs of our customers to be our number one priority and do everything in our power to keep the prices down.”

With a primary focus on bathroom and kitchen remodeling, the company’s contractors have served their community for years by showing that they understand their customer’s needs and are ready to help transform their homes with professionalism and quality craftsmanship. With all the services Remodel The Kitchen provides, they don’t just help homeowners get the kitchen or bath of their dreams but do everything they can to make it affordable, on budget, and on time.

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