Reduce Pain and Inflammation Naturally with Regenerative Medicine Approaches at QC Kinetix (Burnsville)

Burnsville, MN – Patients suffering from chronic pain or thinking that surgery is the only option for relief can visit QC Kinetix (Burnsville), where a team of medical providers use minimally invasive therapies to enhance recovery and minimize re-injury. Although regenerative medicine is in its infancy, it has revolutionized the medical field by offering patients alternatives for surgery, pharmaceuticals, or extensive physical therapy. Once contacted, a provider takes patients through their protocols to help them understand their conditions and holistic treatments that improve their quality of life.

The knee joints play a vital role in a person’s ability to walk/stand comfortably, perform daily tasks, or sleep uninhibited. When the joints experience fractures, strains, or worn cartilage, individuals have a decreased range of motion, chronic knee pain, bone-on-bone osteoarthritis, tendon/ligament tears, knee cracking/popping, or torn meniscus/ACL. Common treatments usually involve pain medication, arthroscopic surgery, knee replacement surgery, and steroids, which are not always ideal due to their cost and long recovery requirements. Fortunately, the Pain control clinic has natural treatment protocols and laser therapy to promote the recovery of cartilage and bone tissue. Many patients found the clinic while seeking non-surgical pain treatments and raved about how they sleep better, move freely, and perform optimally.

While arthritis pain can affect people of all ages, it’s more popular with seniors due to joint erosion, irritation, and inflammation that occurs over time. Chronic arthritis patients often discover that as their condition worsens, their bones begin grinding against each other, leading to excruciating pain and reduced range of motion despite medication/physical therapy. Turning to advanced regenerative orthopedics at QC Kinetix (Burnsville) allows patients to access alternative treatments that address pain in the hips, wrists, ankles, shoulders, hands, feet, and joints. The providers use hydration/lubrication compounds, supplements, injectable therapy, and other natural protocols to enhance mobility, eliminating joint/replacement surgery.

Every athlete, avid adventurer, active gym goer, dancer/performer, or person who enjoys outdoor activities suffer from sports-related injuries at one point in their lives or careers. While manageable, sports injuries impact field/court/outdoor performance, impede daily routines and affect mental/physical health. The sports clinic combines traditional injury treatments and regenerative medicine to uncover the root cause of the problem, offer symptomatic relief, and support the body’s internal systems. Patients can receive holistic recovery without invasive surgery for a torn rotator cuff, a torn Achilles tendon, joint pain, tennis elbow, tendon/ligament tears, and a golfer’s elbow.

Joint movement is vital in leading a complete life, even if a person isn’t an athlete. However, joint/muscle overuse, physical trauma, repetitive/jerking movements, or poor body mechanics causes severe pain and limits mobility. When they need natural, minimally invasive treatments, regenerative medicine Burnsville can intervene to treat wrist pain, low back pain, sacroiliitis pain, and pain from tendon injuries. Regenerative therapies are becoming increasingly popular and replacing therapeutic massages, physical therapy, painkillers, and anti-inflammatories for musculoskeletal injury treatment.

To request a consultation, visit the clinic’s website or call (612) 254-7123. QC Kinetix (Burnsville) is at 14050 Nicollet Ave, Suite 202, Burnsville, MN, 55337, US.

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