Redefining Grade 12 – GED as a viable alternative

Redefining Grade 12 – GED as a viable alternative

New York — The schools in South Africa have an excellent education system, and they offer world-class education. However, different students require different learning approaches or examination methods. The current education system is outdated, does not match the modern world, and is not suitable for the needs and skills of all students.

Every student should get the opportunity to complete their high school successfully and graduate 12th grade with the best resources and effective schooling options. It may not be widely known, but matric is not the only high school diploma option available to South African students.

Online learning platforms have expanded their scope and opened new possibilities. The schools can offer opportunities for academic success in Grade 12 by combining physical and personal interaction with e-learning. You can provide your students with an alternative of GED to the National Senior Certificate through Learnalot for Schools.

What is GED?

The GED test, short for General Educational Development, is the alternative to US high school diplomas. When passed, students are given a certification that they have the academic skills of a high school student in the United States or Canada.

The GED course helps the students’ overall development by equipping them with critical thinking skills required in the modern world. Rather than receiving a high school diploma, students will receive an American High School Equivalency Certificate, which is accepted by most universities and colleges worldwide.

What is included in the GED Curriculum?

The GED Curriculum consists of four external tests: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. The subjects covered in the tests are English, Math, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History, Economics, and Geography.

Students can take a GED assessment at any Boston City Campus testing site in South Africa or other locations. Students can take in the evaluation on any day that suits them, and a test can be scheduled according to availability and taken whenever they are ready.

The GED is a beneficial platform for students if they want to study further in South Africa or internationally. It also opens several career opportunities: Boston City Campus accepts graduated GED students for their undergraduate degree, and The University of the People accepts GED as an entrance certificate.

Benefits for Students:

  • Students get the best online course for each subject that GED approves.
  • The students are provided guidance and motivation throughout their educational journey by GEO coaches.
  • The tutors will provide students comprehensive study guides, engagement, and support for their assignments, homework, and lessons.
  • Interactive live sessions, which are highly effective, will be held weekly with an experienced GED online virtual tutor.
  • Students get a well-structured weekly timetable in integration with their school’s academic program to keep them on track.
  • Students can participate in school sporting events, cultural programs, and extracurricular activities.
  • With the help of the GED, students have the opportunity to complete high school with a different curriculum if the national curriculum is not suitable for their needs.
  • Study groups and chat groups are formed to ensure that students are fully supported.

Benefits for schools:

  • The school can retain students who might leave to pursue a high school diploma at another school.
  • The school can offer students an optimistic high school exam experience.
  • Teachers are relieved of some pressure during the year when they have additional educational support.
  • The GED provides additional learning resources and extra lessons, saving the extra cost of school and parents.
  • GED can improve the teacher-to-student ratio.

Bottom Line:

You can offer this exciting academic enhancement to your students by collaborating and partnering with Learnalot for Schools. They have expertise in delivering high-quality online courses and qualifications at reasonable rates. It enables students the chance to study online from anywhere.

This method has a significant advantage since the student doesn’t have to leave school or drop out. Students can access the ongoing activities while pursuing Grade 12 Equivalent American GED instead of the NSC or IEB.

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