Recycle NOW – Takes Their Industry Leading Doorstep Collection To A New Level Through The Use Of Their Proprietary Doorkeeper App!

Powered by their proprietary Doorkeeper App, Recycle NOW’s revolutionary scanning technology tracks collection in realtime and verifies that every hallway and building is collected nightly guaranteeing peace of mind for any leasing office. Additional features such as unit tracking provide instant verification of collection for any requested unit, and the provided client portal provides the ability to view, create, and send custom resident violation reports in a single click!

Doorstep Collection, Junk Removal, and Dumpster Cleaning Services!

Headquartered in Dallas, Recycle NOW is one of the fastest growing doorstep collection providers in Texas serving tens of thousands of units every night! In addition to their industry leading doorstep collection they also provide the following:

  • Same day emergency junk removal for dumpster and compactor areas
  • Unit clean outs to assist on-site with faster unit make readys
  • Low water biological foaming that cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes trash chutes, trash rooms, and dumpster areas

Loved By Clients!

In their latest annual survey, Recycle NOW clients were asked to rank how likely they were to recommend Recycle NOW’s service to another vendor. After tallying the results, the final score was an average of 9/10! Below are actual reviews from real property managers!

“I utilized Recycle NOW on my new phase two over a national service provider. I am so pleased with them that I have given this national service provider notice and am very excited to utilize Recycle NOW on 100% of my properties. Not only do we save money with Recycle NOW, but their service exceeds that of our other provider. If you have any questions, just ask!” Stacy F., Property Manager

“As a manager of six years in the industry this is the best doorstep trash collection company I have ever used. I would recommend them 10 out of 10 times!” Lexi C., Property Manager

About Kevin Smith – Director of Sales (Recycle NOW)

Kevin Smith leads Recycle NOW’s sales team. He graduated from Baylor University with an undergraduate degree in Corporate Communications. Prior to joining Recycle NOW, Kevin spent 10 years in the nonprofit sector working primarily with students K-12 and college through various ministry roles. Recently he took his education and ministry experience and translated it over to the multifamily marketplace.

According to Kevin, “We are excited to continue to enhance our industry leading doorstep collection through our Doorkeeper App, and look forward to continuing to better serve our clients through our recent additions of junk removal and unit clean outs!”

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