Recovery Seed Plate Cryptotag Zeus, Compatible With Trezor & Ledger Launched

Cryptotag Zeus, a premium recovery seed backup tool, is made of bulletproof titanium to ensure maximum protection and durability. Now available on The Crypto Merchant online store, this recovery tool is often recommended as a top choice for pension investment due to its indestructibility and compatibility with popular hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey.

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For crypto investors securing their seed phrase is the most important step in safeguarding their crypto assets. As such, recovery seed backup tools were developed to prevent seed phrases from getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Cryptotag Zeus, regarded as the most advanced recovery tool, offers the highest level of protection against physical elements. Made with high-pressure tested, titanium, it is resistant to fire, blowtorches, metal rollers, and more.

“A lost, stolen, or damaged seed phrase can lead to a nightmare scenario: the loss of all your crypto. Using paper or other weak, flimsy materials leaves you vulnerable to mistakes or malicious behavior,” explains a company representative. “The Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to fully safeguard your cryptocurrency seed phrase. “

Only slightly larger than a credit card, Cryptotag Zeus comes with an automatic center punch device for easy engraving. The box also includes a conversion sheet, allowing users to record their recovery seed phrase in five to ten minutes. The Zues can hold up to 24 BIP39 recovery seed phrase words, offering the highest level of encryption.

Globally trusted, Cryptotag Zeus is the world’s best-selling recovery tool used by traders in over 60 countries.

The Crypto Merchant currently offers several Cryptotag Zeus special packages – including a 4-piece family pack and Leger Nano X + Cryptotag Zeus Pack.

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