Recluse Trader Makes 5-Year Breakthrough Exposing (Secret Forex Structure)

Nampa, ID – Reversal Edge Trading has announced the discovery of the secret Forex structure that’ll enhance how every trader approaches their trading process. The secret structure, comprising 7 key parts, was discovered after 5 challenging years of failed hands-on trading experience. The breakthrough discovery will change the way traders approach the market and help give them a structure to work from and improve all aspects of their trading outcomes.

The company’s founder (Preston Hardesty) noted that the approach has nothing to do with common trading methods like MACD, Naked Price Action, Candle Patterns, MA CrossOver, Stochastic, etc.

He also noted the key elements in the secret structure are 1. Pre-reversal set-ups 2. Precise candle entry 3. Market avoidance areas 4. Momentum shifts 5. Exhaustion cross points 6. Level 2 profits biases 7. Trend deciphering. If a trader is missing these in their trade plan, they will struggle.

Reversal Edge Trading added that the secret structure will allow for effective chart reading, within seconds traders will know what is going on in the market and identify clear trading opportunities. Recognize trends, pullbacks, and continuations all without using trend lines, candle sticks, renko, or even bar charts. Take profits at the right time before the market turns against their position. Pinpoint pre-reversals and pre-entry setups all before entering, knowing you’re on the right side of the trade. Use a certain 2-candle exit when the trade is not working out to preserve capital and minimize losses. Avoid specific areas on the chart guaranteed to lose money. Choose the right candle to enter in on and avoid false break-outs and liquidity traps.

Preston Hardesty, said “after going through multiple trading courses and trying different methods, those methods seemed subjective and inconsistent. And left with more questions than answers while going through them and felt that there was something missing when it comes to trading, but could not quite put my finger on it”

Reversal Edge Trading developed a trading process known as the RET system that visually identifies the 7 pieces, pre-reversal setups, precise candle entry, market avoidance areas, momentum shifts, exhaustion cross points, Level 2 profit biases, and trend deciphering.

The Reversal Edge Trading says the RET system is based on repeatable pattern recognition, anticipating reversals before they occur and getting the best possible entries. The system is easy to learn even if you’re a beginner or have been let down by other methods in the past. Learn all there is about RET system by visiting the Reversal Edge Trading website. The company is located at 1224 E Amity Ave, Nampa, Idaho, 83686, United States and can be reached via phone at (208)249-7416.

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